To do do. Tu du du.

Sorry for the sudden break in writing. It's that time of the year again. The time when uni assignments start piling and up 'to do' lists really don't make sense. The more I seem to have on my to-do list, the lesser I seem to do anything. Priorities get confusing because something else on the list -- usually the least important task -- suddenly starts looking more appealing.

Pending deadlines are also the reason for some rather bizarre nightmares. Like last night. I kept dreaming of samosas in different situations.

In one where there was a samosa that I just could not bite into. It kept escaping my maw. The more I tried to bite it, the farther it went... Or the other one where each time a raw samosa was dropped in a cauldron of hot oil -- it's deep fried after all -- it would not resurface. I would keep waiting expectantly for a nice, deep fried, samosa-with-crispy-bits to bob up in the oil and it wouldn't. I love crispy bits in a samosa. (drool)

Then there was the dream where I am at a Melbourne book-signing -- not mine, I was the reporter -- and they had samosas for snacks. Only they were the fraud, frozen samosas they are selling these days. Y'know the ones that are all flat, have no taste and look uncooked? I really don't understand samosas that can be made in the microwave. If it ain't deep fried, it ain't no samosa. I refuse to have something so tasty being labelled health food. Anyway.

So in the dream they serve these samosas and I throw a fit and call them frauds... Only that the book signing was organised by a big-time publisher. The publishers, other authors and literary agents get really upset with and I am barred from all literary/book circles and I become a literary (literal?) pariah.

No, I am not pregnant and have no idea why I've had three dreams of samosas on the same night. If you have any clues, please let me know.
PS: Day one-and-a-half of nicotine patch and no cigarettes. Melbourne's getting really cold. But I am not in Melbourne. And I also saw my first, bona fide gold-rush 'town'. Very spooky.
Pic courtesy: Sparklette


flygye12 said...

Okay it is great you have stopped smoking. Now keep up with that. Good.

Goofy Mumma said...

Funny dreams woman. I think you want samosas, and have not had them for long, hence the dreams. Go and get yourself some.
PS - Very happy to know that you are quitting smoking.All the best.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Nicotine patch plus samosa dreams. Hmmm, I think it's fairly obvious. You need to counter the nicotine withdrawal with some crispy fried samosa and imli chutney! :)

Sree said...

Samosas and book.Food for thought.

Hmm lemme try n interpret:You are waiting for something nice to happen in ur life.First u tried to simply get it by no much effort.Later,u took time,made it urself,deep fried it and the samosas not popping up,wud mean,the waiting period and asking u to be patient.Then on the third dream,it happens.What u r waiting ofr,which is something related to knowledge,books,learning(alrite,a book signing by YOU)AND when it does happen u throw a tantrum on not having a real samosa around which could also mean not having good friends or A FRIEND around.Oh well.

(Anyone knows any tried n tested home remedy for childrens sore throat?)

JB said...

@ Sree: Sore throat? No high fever I hope? Taken her to a doctor?
As for home remedy, here goes: It WORKS.

Water: 1 cup
Ginger: 2 TBS, grated finely
Basil leaves: 6-8
Black pepper corns: 4, lightly crushed

Boil the above together, strain and drink the liquid, mixed with a teaspoon honey. Should boil down to half a cup and should be finished in two rounds. Make fresh each time.

@ Flygye: haan, let's see for how long...tks

@ Goofy: Was thinking about you. The dreams are weird, i've never dreamed of a samosa before. I would LOVE a samosa.

@ MAmma Mia: Slurp. Ah. I can SMELL it. SAmosa i mean, not the nicotine

Born to Farm said...

To honour your absence from writing about food, i made the "JB special lamb curry", when a couple of friends had landed up unannounced & but announced clearly that they are very hungry. 2 kg of meat, just four of us, also it was after a hard days work.

There was absolute silence while eating, with every one just concentrating on the juices oozing out with each bite, the pot was wiped clean & almost licked clean.

Meal over, then someone said that was awesome/great et al, what was the recipe ?

Me : yeah, got it from a friend.
Who ??

Me : end of conversation !!


Hi sree !!

just gargle 2 to 3 times with luke warm water with a pinch of salt

Sree said...

Born to farm:Children dont gargle,they gulp.And you could have ended tht convo by standing on the table,licking that spoon and then using it as a mic,announcing the link to that recipe.Thou should speaketh when requiredth.u knw.

JB:Thanks.She had fever last nite,now gone down.Coughing like there is a man sitting on her throat n doing the voice 4 her.Hmm.I have another line for u.Will come soon elsewhere.gotta go nw.

JB said...

@ Born to Farm: I am bloody glad to hear that the recipe was enjoyed. Will get back to the food, just that there's no fun in putting up recipes that I haven't cooked, then clicked etc. Have not been cooking much and if at all, have been repeating dishes. We had another version -- a sort of rogan josh -- tonight. Last Sunday when a couple of Partner's friends came over; it was the beef stir fry with snow peas, some braised vegetables and noodles. Been writing a fair bit, assignments and all.

@ Sree: hmm, you must be worried. BEEN TO A DOCTOR? God bless the baby, keep her well and try making the syrup for her. Dont like the sound of this.

JB said...

@ Born to farm: and DO share the recipe with people. You dont want to share the link, don't. Copy-paste and forward the recipe to them.

Sree said...

never been glad losing my job.Apt timing.She just went"let go mama" on me."gimme some not healthy food".ha.to the doc in the afternoon.god wont swine on me,i hope.takecare.we will.bye.

June said...

Ahh! now we know what to expect at your book signing! i hope.

Goofy Mumma said...

Sree - Try honey, very soothing for the throat and if you can add a few drops on ginger juice in it, nothing like that!

JB - I LOVE samosas. Period. So I can only guess your dream to to mean a longing for them.

Sree said...

@Goofy Mumma:Thank You.Shes better now.Has strep throat.No swine wine, thankfully.

And this lady here is knitting love on the above thread.Which really doesnt demand talent.Lucky hearts.God bless.

Sree said...

Thank You Born to Farm jee.I donno how i forgot to say that.

haha i'm loving this replying to comments thing.Can i be the blog owner for a day.

go-phish said...

i swear i heard my stomach growl when i looked at the picture of the samosas.

sigh, diet :(

Silvara said...

It's 10:30 in the morning and I just the BIGGEST craving for Samosas now....ohhhh...

I love biting the corners :P

I'm guessing you were in Ballarat?!!!

I passed there on the way to the Grampians...if you get a chance to go away for a few days...a must-see place. Extraordinary - it's Australia in all its beauty :) (Ok so I'm going a bit ga-ga over it but really it's great!)

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