Clever mummy

Toilet training Mia. Or trying. Yet another mishap, this time the more solid variety.

Me: Let's put this in the potty
Mia makes no move to help and stands far, nose screwed up, the picture of disgust.
Me: So c'mon then, help me, you throw it in the potty, you like doing things yourself.
Mia: Oh no thank you, it's yucky poo-poo, I no touch it. You do it.
So I do it. She comes up and pats my back.
"Well done mummy, you so clever."


Masca(ra) laga ke

Usually I try not to let Mia around when doing makeup related stuff; especially since she's taken to 'manicures' a little too quickly.
Today however she planted herself on the stool as I painted myself in the morning. As she gave a running commentary I began getting a bit worried about explaining things with "because mamma wants to look pretty" or "mamma is hiding her flaws" etc. I thought 'Body Image Issues and how i might be destroying my little girl's ideas of beauty forever...


Can't make (this) up

Part1. Before makeup.

A few weeks ago, I walked into one of the big department stores in Melbourne (Myer) and lined up at the MAC Cosmetics counter for advice. I was looking for some light foundation. I had my double pram with me though only with Liv in it (Mia was having a Daddy-day).

Now Livvy has some sort of a mummy-store-sensor. She is a perfectly angelic baby (coos even) when I'm shopping groceries, or visiting the doctor or sitting in a café. But the moment I enter a shoe/ clothing/ jewellery store, my normally happy, placid baby becomes this infuriated, red-faced ball of screams. And right at the moment the MAC salesgirl approached me, Livvy began roaring.


Mia's Peppa Pig birthday party

4 days old, coming home
from hospital
Just the other day I remember bringing home a tiny little baby, weighing only 2.99 kilos, wearing a hand-knit red sweater three sizes too big for her. She was so little and so perfect. I remember waiting for that first smile, remember waiting for her to crawl, to stand, to walk... With each "milestone", Mia took her own time. She did everything but only when she was ready. She didn't give a damn that I was waiting.

7 months old

So many firsts, so much learning -- for her, for me. My first little baby turns three on the 17th. Back then I had to decipher what her various cries meant, now my baby tells me, "I'm so cited about the party Mamma!" Or that "Peppa Pig and Daddy and Livvy and my mummy are my faaavirite." She still loves broccoli but has developed a dislike towards peas. She loves her chocolate but also demands "I want to crunch a green apple Mamma." I sometimes have to remind her to say "yes please" when offered something but she always remembers to politely say "No please" when she doesn't want something. And she knows when she doesn't want something. Of all the things I have learnt along with her; she's taught me mostly that she knows her mind.

But then I am her mother and I know my mind too.
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