You'd be pretty if

"You'd be hot if you lost that slight tummy." -- 24yo, 50 something kilos
"Oi moti, let's go for movie na?" 18 yo, 50something kilos (moti = fatso)
"Your boobs are your best feature." 25 yo, 50something kilos
"You can balance a tray on your butt." 23yo, 50 something kilo
"Wow. You've really made a hot body now." 26yo, 38 kilo
"You're looking anorexic." 27yo, 40kilo
"This is perfect. Don't change now." 28yo, 46kilo
"You've filled out since I last saw you." 30yo, 50kilo
"All pregnant women are fat." 31yo, first baby, 64 kilos
"You look amazing, you lost all the baby weight." 31 yo, 54 kilo
"You look so... Spread out wide." 32yo, 60 kilo
"You're all baby, there's nothing else to you but that bump." 33yo, second pregnancy, 62 kilo
"You need to stop losing weight." 33yo, 46 kilo , four months after baby
"You have a great figure for a mom of two." 34yo, 47 kilo
"You've put on weight since coming here." 34y0, 51 kilo
"Good job. You've worked hard to look like this." 35yo, 48kilo
"Do you have to be obsessed with exercise?" 35yo, 47kilo
"You look gaunt. You look better with some weight on you." 35 yo, 46 kilo
"Oh no JB, you've got thunder thighs now." 36 yo, 54 kilos
" You need to lose some weight." 36 yo, today, 61.10 kilo
I am tired.

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