Recipe: The good brownie


A brownie is not a brownie unless it has walnuts in it, or so it is for me. While that doesn’t stop me eating a walnut-less brownie, it's not quite satisfying. I also cannot stand brownies that have heaps of chocolate sauce or ice-cream piled on top. Not unless it’s being served for dessert. A good brownie is meant to be eaten as is. And should have walnuts.

If the Black Forest was Ma’s for-special-occasions/party dessert, the walnut-brownie was her weekday specialty. It was not fudgy. It was more like a regular chocolate cake, with more cocoa and walnuts. It used to be a lovely, light chocolate colour, smell divine and taste really, really good. My job each time Ma made brownies was to chop the walnuts and lick the residual batter from the bowl. While Mia has now perfected Licking of the Spatula, I’m waiting for her to take over the walnut-chopping.

I first discovered that brownies can also be fudgy-not-just-cakey once the whole Barista/café onslaught began in Delhi in the late 90s. (Small town girl, no big city/café experience, what to do!)  In Melbourne cafes, more often than not, the brownies are without walnuts and oftener still, sort of thick slabs of sweetened chocolatey dough. Not always nice. I still eat them though; sometimes you’ve just got to get your brownie fix.


Recipe: Aloo gobhi

Aloo gobi (Mildly spiced cauliflower and potatoes)

Serves 2 (Pic coming soon)

Cauliflower 1 full, cut into smallish florets with some stem
Potatoes 3 medium, diced into 1 inch cubes
Sunflower/olive/vegetable oil 2-3 TBS
Green chillies 1-2, seeded, finely chopped (optional)
Cumin seeds 1 TSP
Ginger fresh  2 TSP, grated
Salt to taste
Turmeric ½ TSP
Coriander powder 2 TSP
Fresh coriander, chopped finely 1 TBS (more/less according to taste)
Water as needed



Livvy refuses to be put down today, has puked on me thrice since morning. The last one right after I had a shower. Then as I am holding her on one arm and trying to have a sip of my coffee, she flips the cup. Coffee down my dress and up my nose. After I had just changed from the pukey dress. Mia has nose full of snot that she insists on wiping herself and thereby smearing all over her face. I am having a brilliant morning. How is yours?
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