Up in smoke?

So today is Day 3 of no cigarettes. I think I am doing really well since I've gone without the nicotine patches as well. You are supposed to wear a fresh patch every 24 hours, but after the first patch on Thursday evening, I haven't worn any.

I will admit to fantasizing about cigarettes now and then, especially after meals. Last night for instance, after a really good meal of pork, baked potatoes, cabbage-with-bacon and baked pumpkin; all with a glass of beautiful red wine, I really wanted a cigarette.

But I didn't have any and started knitting instead. This is my first, proper knitting project. The last and only time I've knit was when I was 14... it was a scarf that was eventually completed by mom. This time it's a jumper for Partner. He has promised that even if it is yucky and cannot be worn out, he will wear it at home. I am happy. I've completed the back and will attack knit the front, arms and the neck.

I have no bloody clue how to knit the neck -- remember my mom using four knitting needles and it looking very technical -- but I'll figure out something. Partner's mom was very amused that I was not using a 'pattern' -- a book to tell me when I have to pick/drop stitches. I was very amused because I was doing it the old-fashioned Indian way: Make Partner stand with arms stretched out and measure it against him. :)

Have a nice Sunday (or whatever day it is, wherever you are)
How nicotine patches help quit smoking: Here


Sree said...

try white zin sometime.
yay to knitting.the world is a better place with less smokes for 3 days.have a nice day.where r u if not in melbourne?
i have to quit something too.

Mystique said...

aaah, good girl. :D

Goofy Mumma said...

Aah knitting!You are one talented lady there. Only tried it a couple of times as a kid, knitted stuff for my Barbie, won't even dream of it now. Would never ever know what way to go. But then again, who knows, may really sit down and learn some day. All the best with it, and hope to see photos of it soon. :)
And great to hear about your success on the quit smoking project.

eve's lungs said...

Curious about why you quit smoking . But you get A+ for effort

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