Media appearances, disappearances, quotes, reviews and articles I've written over the years.


Marie Claire, India, August 2012, Books page, review/interview by Sanchita Guha: "That which does not kill you makes it stronger - so it is in Jhoomur Bose's riveting debut novel...Bose lends it a style rare in the urban-girl's-crisis-genre..."

Businessworld, 31 July 2012, interview by Sanjitha Rao Chaini: "I wanted to write a story about the choices we women make...the even tougher decision to stay in a relationship that's hurting us."

Outlook, 30 July 2012, quoted in article by Debarshi Dasgupta & Amba Batra Bakshi: "...Each time a Guwahati happens, women are reminded of the dire consequences if they forget their rightful place – at home, not after 6pm, never alone, always accompanied, not in Western clothes and heavens forbid, never at a pub."

The Times of India, quoted in article by Purwaja Sawant: "The first time I was grabbed and groped, I was 14 and walking with my mother. Is it Western culture to walk with your mother?"


DNA Mumbai, 29 July 2012, quick review

Deccan Herald, 29 July 2012, listing, 23 July 2012, interview: "Bookadda caught up with the debut author about the release and why she thinks Indian men should be beaten."

Mail Today, New Delhi, 19 July 2012, quoted in: "Jhoomur Bose...debut book Confessionally Yours has just hit the market. Here's what she thinks of the change taking place in women and their priorities..."


Blog, Kindle & Me, review by Anjana Vasan: "Confessionally Yours exceeded my expectations on every count."
Blog, Kiran Sawhney, mention by Kiran Sawhney: "I am absolutely glued to it!"


Tehelka, 2005
Mail Today, New Delhi, 25 March, 2009, quoted in: "... Bloggers who write about their personal lives are generally seen as frivolous..."

Tehelka, photo feature, 2005, A Generation in Transition, featured in: "...A journalist, she lives on her own in Delhi and loves cats."


The Hindustan Times, June - September 2008, 'From the Blog Cabin', weekly column

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