Lazy Saturday

Nice Saturday in Melbourne, a cloud cover that might not bring rain, but not too cold. Partner is out to get a washer for the BBQ and chlorine for the spa. I will soon be heading out for body servicing at the salon. Here, they don't 'thread' the brows but use wax instead, so I am in for some pain. My face will also look multishaded as there will be three clear strips of red skin amongst all the brown.

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Then we are headed to the Flemington Racecourse, there's some race on and we shall try our luck at winning some. Since my first trip to the races, I've managed to win three trifectas. A trifecta is when you bet on the three horses you think will come in the 1st-3rd positions. Since December 2008 -- my first bet -- my total winnings amount to $ 1910 AUD. Over the Easter weekend, Partner won another trifecta, I didn't go.

Billy is sitting on my lap as I type. He is an intelligent kitty and has realised in two days that the moment Mamma showers and wears shoes that make noise, it means she is about to leave him alone in the house. Billy thinks by sitting on me and not letting me go, he will not be left alone. Cute, devious little kitty.

Last night Billy puked, his light-lactose solution was too heavy. After that he refused to move and looked wilted. I nearly died. I hate it, HATE it, when pets get sick. They just look so helpless. This morning he's been fine though. The evidence was when he jumped on the bed -- yes, he's figured how to -- then got tangled in my hair, which he thinks is his enemy, and bit my ear. Of course it was NOT a nice way to be woken up, but if it means Billy's all right; I shall live with it.

What is it about little animals that hooks us in a mere seven days?


Dee said...

I hate it too when my doggie gets sick.. The fact that the normal hyperactive thing in ur house lying down and whining breaks my heart into a zillion little pieces..

I guess its the fact that they cannot tell us and cannot cry about their pain is what makes me cry the most.. :)

P.S. Cute pic of u and billy :)

Sree said...

theres a place called Travancore in that map! ha.Hello to everyone there.

shetalkslikejune said...

Ahh! eyebrow threading, I shall miss you!

Not sure about exchange rates, but $ 1910 $ makes me wanna become a professional trifecta-er.

Mystique said...

your kitty is the cutest thing ever...

Espèra said...

This [actually it's technically he other post where you've discussed Billy's name] reminds me of the names we'd kept for all the animals around our neighbourhood as kids.

Cure cats were Billee Joe.
Uncute ones were Billee Joel.
Big dogs were Snoop Dogg.
And small ones were Dhanraj Pilla.


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

JB is a mommy! JB is a mommy! She's in love with her baby! She's in love with her baby!!

Yup...absolute same thing! Motherhood's got you good!

JB said...

@ Mamma Mia: Aar ki bolbo? Don't want to think about it, but yes, for all those who don't believe in love at first sight, I am ailing from it. Love Billy. Totally.

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