Week 6: Uni

Nothing, nothing beats the relief you get after a good morning poo.

Have you noticed that you can have a really awful day if you have not had a good shit in the morning?

Feeling light today, will see you after class.

PS: For those who asked, I'm doing a Masters in Creative Media.
Apparently it is one of the best courses of its kind here. Allegedly, it does not get you jobs.

Gotta get ready for uni, later gator!
Cartoon = See Mike Draw


Silvara said...

Hahahahaha oh you never fail to amuse me :D

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

I assume you know the Gopal Bhar golpo? :)

Eveline said...


Apparently Masters in literature and Gender Studies dont get you the jobs you want. I would know; I'm sitting in front of the computer analyzing 5,000 rows of data!

Anonymous said...

typing from uni..while discussing characters/ :D

Mystique said...


JB said...

@ Mamma Mia: nah..what is the story?

@ Eveline: It's all a conspiracy love, a money-making conspiracy.

@ All: Back from uni. So bloody tired.

Sree said...

We are the poop makers.So unique, like those celebrity perfumes.
gawd i cant concentrate.i'm in class.shitpoo.

MRC said...

umm, you could also add the following if you decide to blog about how this applies to couples

-You know the two of you are really family when you can let out unexpectedly audible and/or smelly ones around or in the hearing of your partner without dying an instant death.

-You know the mushy romantic stage no longer exists(if it ever did)but you're in love when you have names for his and her chemical emissions.

-You know your partner really loves you when he/she warns you about staying away from the loo for a while lest you die of H2S poisioning

-You know you're full of hot air when you start making lists like this.

Sorry gotta run to you know where

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