"Unacceptable Size 6..."

According to Devil Wears Prada, size 6 is the new size 8. But I don't care.

While shopping for a new pair of jeans -- to go with the new pair of boots -- I fit into a size 6 jeans! And that when size 8 has been getting tighter! And my bum bigger, or I think it looks it! But I fit into a size 6 jeans. Yippee yea! I will always buy Country Road.

And the joys of discovering you fit into a size 6 jeans?
A can of Coca Cola
A packet of extra fried, extra salty potato chips... with gravy
Chocolate icecream
2 Oreole cookies...and a whole lot of guilt-free staring at Timtams and Snickers bars.

PS... and ignoring the muffin top.
Pic courtesy: G Images


Imp's Mom said...

ahhh... the joys of fitting into smaller jeans!!!


JB said...

@ Imp's Mom: I know. but now I've gotta watch it; had the BIGGEST feast last night on roast, potatoes and pumpkin. I just love potatoes. sigh.

Dulce said...

Oh i won't be the one to control your diet... for I also love fries... I think it's all in the mind... if you eat what you like and donot feel guilty => size six forever!

Anonymous said...

you say you are interested in women's issues and equality and here you are squealing about fitting into six 6 jeans! how are you any different from all the other vacuous dilettantes?! i expected more from this blog. i am a size 10 and i really don't care to announce it publicly or be jubilant about it. there are so many more beautiful things in life to celebrate.

this is truly sad. your writing since you moved to melbourne is insipid and mediocre; all you seem to talk about is your weight and superficial things and the fact that your partner is white.

your treatment of "women's issues" is shallow, lacks verve, and sounds forced. i don't know what has happened since you left india. i think you need to look towards excellent sites like jezebel and double x for inspiration.

-a disappointed ex-fan

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