This is turning out to be an idiot week for me. I am SO furious and I'm more furious because there's no one else to be furious at but me. I am... gaaaaaaaaaaah.

So I have this stupid white board on which I supposedly write down important dates, things to do and such like. And so I marked, in bold, with a circle around it, 22nd August, ie, today to go to the Australian Centre for Moving Images (ACMI). The Melbourne Writers Festival kicked off yesterday and I was booked in for three events. Two are next week and this one I paid for and really wanted to attend.

Pics (l-r): Authors Tom Cho, Antoni Jach
and Cyril Wong (Courtesy MWF)

It was called 'Fable, Fantasy and the New Short Story' with authors Tom Cho and Cyril Wong, and chaired by author Antoni Jach. So I rush to ACMI today, reach on time am very excited. Only for the guard to look at the ticket and tell me it was yesterday. He was right. I was stumped.

I am SO stupid. For the last two days I have been discussing and reading up on author Alice Pung -- for other reasons and who's event was today -- and while thinking of Pung and wanting to for Fantasy managed to write the wrong f*****g date on the white board.

I am SO upset. :(


arundati said...

that's so sad....i dont know what else to say...

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Oh no!! I feel your pain, I do!

Give yourself PTL!

JB said...

@ Mamma Mia: Right. PTL. so you are going to do this to me eh?

@ Arundati: not sad re, stupid. :(

Sree said...

Well,it wasnt a date you missed
1.to pick up someone from the airport.
2.The day to pay ur utility bill
3.The day u invited someone for dinner.
4.The day that Wolverine guy came to town.
Keep adding the list.N go a day early next time and check with the guard, just in case.Think of the relief when he says, oh this ticket is for tomorrow.

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