I hate injections...

I am not squeamish. I also like to believe that when faced with life-threatening situations I will be quite brave. In fact one of my favourite, recurring superhero-type day dreams involves us (random people and me) being hijacked -- as in train/plane/car -- by terrorists*. So I indulge in some hand-to-hand combat and save the day. However, sometimes the dream gets muddled in technical details. Like, how many terrorists can I handle at once? Maybe kick one in the groin, poke another in the eye...what happens if there's a third one and he shoots me in the head? Or if one of them has dynamite or something strapped around him?

In another dream, the pilot faints and I have to fly the plane reading How To Fly A Plane In An Emergency manual. I bet I can do it. It's a plane after all, not Twitter that you cannot figure it out. Like on Twitter, I know RT means re-Tweet, what the heck does "#" mean?! There. I've committed twittricide (twitter+suicide) by announcing I can't figure the "#". Is it "f##k I don't f######g understand it?"

Anywho. The point of all this is:
1. I am procrastinating finishing another assingment. I've done the requisite research but can't be bothered about writing it down. Hopefully the can't-be-bothered mood will pass and I will maintain the deadline.

2. Billy got two shots today. :( One was a little one but the other needle was the size of his paw. Poor thing. I didn't go of course - (assignments) -- Partner took him to the vet. The vet says Billy also has worms and that we are "not nourishing him properly". I am in shock. He eats SO much. (fat cat) We are apparently feeding him the wrong things. Tuna+cod? Chicken+veal? Dude, that's better than what I eat.

Partner says Billy cried really loudly. Apparently the nurses at the vet's found Billy really cute. (Hmph. Have a feeling it might have something to do with Billy's dadda). Ever since he's been back, Billy has been really slow -- as against jumping on everything, running around the house and giving me a new scratch, in a new spot -- and looks all sad.

I know exactly how Billy feels. I hate injections. The sight of them more than the pain of them. Once poked, of course I hate the pain of them too. I hate sad faces on kittens even more.

The vet has also asked us to "look at" Billy's potty for worms. Why? So they don't crawl back?!

PS: *Before anyone says that I am being disrespectful about terrorism or being hijacked. I am not. It's a dream. I cannot control dreams. If I could control dreams, I would be single, Wolverine be real and single. We would meet in a bar and have a one-night stand and forget. Then meet again every night and have one-night stands so neither of us would get bored. And oh, his claws will be detachable.

PS 2: What's the name for checking your pet/child's shit for worms? Peek-a-poo.


teacup said...

Aww, poor billy :( btw, I know I must have said it before, but you have the most adorable cat :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

'Peek-a-poo'!! HAHAHA!! LMAO!! You are so, so, soooo funny!

Eveline said...

Ouch! The word 'injection' gives me an anxiety attack every time i hear it and that could possibly be the subject of very horrifying nightmares. I remember taking my dog for booster shots when he was a pup.. yikes! Painful to even think about it.
Hope Billy is doing fine and the worm thing is really common among pups and kittens. So dont worry.
Good luck with the assignments!

Mystique said...

yus, my cats go all silent after their shots too.

abhi said...

hahaha lol peek-a-boo !!

Poor little billy. The poor chap looks so damn innocent and cute as it is!! I remember one of the times when a dog decided to give me a try and took a clean chunk out of me (and no he didnt die). Though the shit-thats-the-pointy-thingy-again fear runs in the family (or so I think) I put on a brave face. The only problem is that a*******e of a doctor thought he was practicing for the national dart competition and that my rear side looked like the board with concentric circles!! Ended up getting 4 shots thrown at me from various distances and angles!! Would kill the mother**** if I ever see him again. Or better still! will run away with all his needles and will hide them under his car seat!!!!
Pet the poor kid once :) And I mean Billy (smirk)

June said...

Just look at billy's cute mug in the picture! I am trying to think of something LOLcatyy to say...but can only comwup with aww cute right now.

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