Gotta grind

Thank-you all for the birthday wishes...here as well as those on Facebook. It's bloody awesome.

I'm gonna be somewhat silent for the next week or so. I'll try for some words/lines, though it's going to be tough.

I have 8 assignments lined up for May 13th... Small mercy though that they weren't yesterday.

1. book proposal
2. Seminar on online publishing
3. Seminar on epistolary novels
4. Seminar on subplots and theories
5. First draft on 3000 words of the book
6. Seminar on development of the book
7. fiction story on magic realism (bloody tough)
8. Novel analysis report

And I used to think that writers just sit in the garden, wear dirty clothes and let their imagination do the job. Not. (scowl)

PS: But I totally, completely love it. Very different from the undergrad Bachelor in journalism style of teaching where we 'read' from books and memorised stuff. Am off...so much to do. Need to start planning better. Thankyou, again. :)


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

"Fiction story on magic realism"??? WOW! And I'll say it again...bloody WOWWWW!!!!

Good luck with it all!

Sree said...

omg.keep thinking.who can do it better than you.And with new wisdom since last day.good wishes.

simplypallu said...

I don't visit ur blog one day and you turn 30! Oops.
Happy birthday!! :) You look way younger than your age anyway. Hope you feel the same, and not like me... who's a good 2 years away, but feeling the mental interia already!

mentalsyrup said...

sheesh...best of luck with all the paper...!

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