Off we go...

1. Passports. check
2. tickets. check
3. undies. check.
4. deo. check.
5. crossword book. check.
6. camera. check.
(7. blog update. check)

So am off. Tomorrow, 7.30am, in Kuala Lumpur. Three hours later, flying to Chang Mai. Excited.

Will hopefully update. As is with a lot of Asian countries, ATMs are hard to find, internet cafes are not. Unlike in Australia, where it's the opposite.

So then...shall update soon enough. :D Stay good and if you decide to stay bad, dont get caught.


PS: Billy and plants (they're my babies too) are at the grandparents' (back to the farm). Billy loves it, I hope he remembers me two months later...


Sree said...

2 months?wow.I hope to be Poeer educated by that time!Have fun my dear.And be safe.Billy might just forget,u know...hehaha.

Sree said...

oops i meant Potter educated!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!! Have fun baby!

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