"And your mother too"

<--- How to ensure a good weekend when Partner is away... 1. Try new SFF (science-fiction-fantasy) author... However, it's grandly irritating that these days authors don't finish a story in a trilogy. Isobelle Carmody's Obernewtyn series runs into seven bloody books. (And am now starting on those...) 7 X 25.5= do the math.

Given that Sara Douglass' third book in the Darkglass Mountain series -- The Infinity Gate -- is supposed to hit book-shelves on/around May 26th this year; it's a long wait. I cannot even curse Sara to hurry up because the dear storyteller is underoing chemotherapy. I love her writing. If at all I have spent money reading Terry Brooks, Fiona McIntosh, Stefan Brijs, Stephen Donaldson (groan) and Stephenie Meyer (bigger groan), it's because I am waiting for Infinity Gate... Oh Ms. Douglass, do get well soon. Someday perhaps, I shall either interview you or sit and discuss plot-lines. (Weekend also involves day-dreaming)

2. See the movies I've really been meaning to see: That would NOT include full-of-full-frontals French movie Romance or that loser-werewolf crap called Skinwalkers. I mean, what self-respecting werewolf remains wearing jeans and a leather jacket when s/he phases? 'Phasing' is when a human shifts shape into werewolf and back. More insulting, was when three of the bad-werewolves -- those who still kill human beings -- are busy feeding; the female werewolf and leader werewolf are busy screwing. WTF?! Aren't they hungry or what?! If it was that bloody easy to control werewolves, Remus Lupin would never have died. And DON'T ask me WHO Remus Lupin is. Scoff.

Thank-you to all those who recommended City of God. I LOVED the movie, loved it, loved it, loved it. And highly recommend it to the miniscule who haven't seen it yet. Isko kehte hain piktar! And again, Rio and Mumbai...the similarities shook me. But that some other time...

As for Romance, it was scandal for nothing. The scandal was because the movie had real sex scenes; as in the characters actually do it instead of just simulating sex sequences. Apparently the movie was banned in Australia because the film board here could not find the right rating. Seriously, it should be banned, it's SO badly made. As one reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes says, "Porn was never so sleepy." If it was a blog though, it would run away with traffic. One scene stood out -- only one -- when the girl screws this street-bum and as he is finishing he screams, "Whore! Slut! I did you good!" and she starts howling and screams back, "I am not ashamed." That was the whole point of the movie and in my humble opinion, only that scene managed it.

3. Drink lots of wine, coffee and cola. Have donuts and Lindt's Lindor dark chocolate truffles for accompaniment.
4. Sleep.
5. Blog.
6. Clean house.
7. Maybe cook something...
8. Maybe put it up on my food blog.
9. Try not to mope.
10. Count hours till Partner comes back...

PS: Partner has gone for a buck's weekend...that would be a bachelor-party-weekend. There will be nearly-30 men drinking, playing golf, swimming, drinking, cracking dirty farts and dirty jokes, playing some more golf, drinking... you get the picture? Why don't girls do anything like this? The girl's version is called a hens' party. But isn't 'doe' the female to buck?? Why hen?!! And hell...if I ever get married here... who will come for my hens? I have no hens. :(
I miss my friends.


Kartikey said...

Hi JB,
Glad you saw City of God. I believe it is an artistically better movie than Slumdog Millionaire.

You may like to know that 'Romance' has generated much response from critics and movie-lovers. I haven't seen it. But wonder what's the deal about it. I have read much criticism on the movie and then somewhere down the line, somebody points out to some hidden facet in the movie.

I wouldn't mix wine, coffee and cola. No. My stomach would send out her intestines and strangle me.


Silvara said...

heheh JB - if you like Sci-Fi then you HAVE to go to Minotaur on Elizabeth St - Evs goes there occasionalyy for the ccomics but it has a really good collection of sci-fi books and paraphenalia.

As for Hens - you got one Chick here who'd make it worthwhile!

JB said...

Kartikey---> you are a guy....but why is your stomach a "her"?

Silvara ---> sent you an sms today...i have two phone numbers saved under your name...one as your name and another that says "your-name-correct'...but you obviously did not get my message!! :( what are you up to...coffee? or sometime in the week is fine as well... And thankyou for, i would be honoured to have you join my ro(o)ster.

Sree said...

Why do you always ask the readers to do the math ? lol

JB said...

@ Sree --> what if my calculator battery has failed? or the programming on Vistas goes corrupt? and it shows people that even simple 2+2 is tough for me?! And WHY do you ALWAYS have to point out embarrassing things that I do?!!!

JB said...

25.5 X 7 = 178.5.
by the way.

Sree said...

Every time you say "You do tht math" my mind says" NOOO,YOU DO THE MATH.
YOU DO YOUR OWN MATH LADY".Imagine tht in a stand up comedy situation.hehe. so cute.thanks for doing the math.

Kartikey said...

Maybe because I am writing a story on the duality of humans... on how a powerful man/woman would want to collapse and submit in the arms of their partner... on how it's not a weakness... etcetra.
perhaps it stems from there.

Anonymous said...

What am I? A dog? Actually, forget I said that. My mind is already convoluting with all the twisted responses that line begs for. Anyways, love and hugs from the North, where the sun seems to be shining for a change. - Yumna.

JB said...

Yumna!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A FUCKING SURPRISE! :D :D :D :D Lord...i miss you so sorely... and hope as hell we aren't destined to meet after increasingly long gaps of separation... or more! 2000. 2003. 2008... And glad to know the sun's out; Melbourne so far has given me the most bizarre weather experience. Woollens in the morning, swimwear at noon, shawls again the evening... crazy shit... Any plans of you and V comin' down here?

Eveline said...

Watch 'Seven Pounds' if you haven't already...and whenever you get the time.. It's pretty fabulous although it could get you heavily teary-eyed...

I've been to a couple of bachelorette parties... Two words to describe them- fun and wild!Hope that when you have yours, it's memorable ;P

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