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There are stupid days and then there are days when we (read me) are being extremely stupid. I seem to have stupid weeks. And I leave evidence. Here are some vital statistics of stupid proportions:

1. Number of times I've congratulated women on their "babies" when they don't have babies (some are not even married): 5 times last week

2. Number of times I've completely misunderstood another blogger's point-of-view and left a comment that shows how stupid I am: Undisclosed... but
here's one very recent proof...

3. Weight gained in last 7 months: 9 kilos!!!!

4. Number of chocolates eaten in one day: 9, Cadbury's frogs; maybe if they were another shape -- kangaroos or cows -- I would have eaten more.

5. Number of wrong bra purchases, because my size is constantly fluctuating: 4 times since being in Melbourne, which translates into more than $ 400 AUD. No, 'they' are not silicon or helium.

6. Number of times I've made plans to "hang out" with people and then ditched due to legit (or not) reasons: 10 or more

7. Number of times I have whined I-don't-have-friends and then proceeded to do Point No. 6: 20 or more

8. Number of time
s I've started a list post and stopped because I got bored: Countless, you can count this as one. Can't think of more... But yes, this will be the FIRST time I am going to be nominating my favourite bloggers for the IndiBloggies. Don't know what that is? Read on...

But before that, help me find someone... I saved (<---) this picture from a blog... I can't seem to find the link! I NEED to find that link again...it's a picture from Varanasi and the monkey is called Chhotu... PLEASE SEND ME BLOG NAME IF YOU KNOW THE BLOG! (This is so stupid)

Here goes about IndiBloggies 2008:

Do you read and follow blogs? Do you want to show your appreciation for the blog/bloggers you like? Participate in this!
(A copy-paste from the email from IndiBlogger.in)

The Indibloggies is back!

Indibloggies, India’s first and foremost blog awards has unveiled its annual nomination process for the 2008 edition. This is the sixth year of the Indibloggies award, organised by Pune-based blogger Debashish Chakrabarty.

The nominations are open in 17 different award categories for Indian blogs from all around the world until 6th March 2009. At stake are prizes worth more than One Lakh Rupees!

The winners will be announced in the first week of April, 2009.

Pick a category:

1. IndiBlog of the year
2. Best Humanities IndiBlog (IndiBlogs covering Art/Craft/Painting, Hobby, Literature, Poetry/Fiction)
3. Best Entertainment Indiblog (blogs on Music, TV, Movies, theater & fashion)
4. Best Sports IndiBlog
5. Best Science/Technology IndiBlog
6. Best IndiBlog directory/service/clique/network
7. Best Designed IndiBlog (Blogs with original designs or with major visible customizations to existing themes)
8. Best Food/Beverages Indiblog
9. Most Humorous Indiblog
10. Best Indi Podcast/Vidcast
11. Best Travel Indiblog
12. Best New Indiblog (IndiBloggers who began blogging on/after July 1, 2008)
13. Best Photo Indiblog
14. Best Personal Indiblog
15. Best Group/Community Indiblog
16. Best Business Indiblog
17. Best Indi Microblog

Nominate your blogs here: http://nom2008.indibloggies.org/


Sree said...

Thts too many categories.Is there a category checking machine or something?
wht category is this blog?

never seen someone linking their own stupidity for the world to see. :/

JB said...

my dear woman... you cannot verify your own stupidity, ie. you cannot verify your own blog. Someone else has to nominate you

Perakath said...

What were they-- platinum bras?? 400 AUD is crazy, isn't it?

Jhoomur aka JB said...

@Perakath: Do you always ask such rude and private questions when you "meet" someone for the first time?! And will google disable the ads if I link to your blog because of the dirty words used in the name?


Perakath said...

Well at least I didn't use your tattoo as an opening line, huh?

No offence, but google ads aren't really that cool, so it wouldn't be a bad thing if they were disabled! Have you actually made any money off them?

JB said...

@Perakath.... Why "no offence"? i dont think google is reading this blog baba. :D As for making money, from 2007 till date, $8.46. :D Not bad eh? And thankyou for respecting the tattoo...its an ichchadhaari tattoo...shape-changing.

Perakath said...

'No offence' because I was insulting your sense of blog aesthetics! Heh, no offence again. (It's a lovely phrase, lets you get away with anything.)

Shape-changing tattoo, size-changing breasts... not secretly a superhero, are you? (No offence.)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Honesty as well as a wicked sense of humour...quite the combo woman, quite the combo!

JB said...

@ Perakath: AH! Had you not so kindly elucidated, I would have so missed your sarcasm. Heh. Was a mere mortal the last time I checked, but if I get a wand, wouldn't mind the superhero(ine) tag at all.

@ Mamma Mia: is that a honest statement or a no-offence one? :D

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