Eat Bong!

This is a dish that has been included in traditional Bengali birthday menus, when guests have been over, or as special Sunday lunches or any other occasion that demanded it. Once I started living away from my parents – since 2000 – this was also a MUST each time I visited home.
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Goofy Mumma said...

I loved this post. God you know all the proper names of the fishes. Very nice, am very very impressed really. :) You have written in such detail, almost felt like I am reading a continental recipe. Hope the partner could handle the hot dish.
PS - You actually have thick bottom woks and everything there? I really miss mine from back home.

JB said...

Thankyou! Partner has lived two years in India and that apart, he has quite an appetite and palate for hot things. Why do you think he's with me? Bwahaha. As for the woks and pans, we brought those with us -- and furniture and books and every little thing we had individually and collected as a couple -- on a shipment when we moved here. :)

Goofy Mumma said...

I guessed as much, and was inclined to specify what I meant as a dish in the previous comment, for the fear of a miscommunication. ;)
Oh! that shipment thing is a great idea, i wish I could do it for coming here, will definitely do it in my next move, will move lock, stock and barrel.

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