Utter crap

I am so extremely exhausted. This is a time I should be celebrating -- second baby in a couple of months, first novel out in another week or so. But I can't because my life's been taken over by shit.

Three weeks now, diarrhoea refuses to go. Last week I had a sudden bout of unstoppable puking that landed me in bed for four days straight. I couldn't move without vomitting...and if I was moving, it was to go vomit more or to have a shit. Now the pukemonster has gone -- regular tablets are keeping it at bay -- but the runnies have taken over my life. Nothing sticks, not even water.

I'm having hydralyte (electrolytes) but I'm very worried about the baby. I've got another 10 weeks to go and in the last two and a half months the baby needs more nutrients. The stool's all green now because doctor says my body is simply passing out all nutrients. (Baby moving fine, heartbeat fine, but what if something's trickling past the placenta?)

So tired of this crap (literally). Doctor cannot figure out what's wrong. Nothing in pathology report, nothing in ultrasounds. Anyone had anything similar? What should I eat? I am scared of food and water now... And I really want to cry, I hate being ill. I've got so many deadlines -- interviews and articles to write and I just don't have the energy. Help someone. Please :(


Anonymous said...

Ohhh I have no idea how to help you re: the pregnancy, but I can offer hugs. I was like this in Lanka on our holidays and totally get the frustration and helplessness.

Maybe if at least liquids are better at being digested - try having a super smoothie - filled with greens etc to get all the nutrients. Maybe a multivitamin as well (if not taking already?). I'm sorry JB - a bit at loss.

The mouth talks... said...

I went thru the same thing during my pregnancy...the docs cud not for the love of god figure out what was wrong...finally i gave in and asked my granny,she said it could be because of body heat and insisted that i take oil head bath... u know the drill,heat oil,apply oil ( we use castor oil for oil baths,if u have never used it before try gingelly oil),leave it on for 30 mins,take a nice hot long bath!
And it worked! And stay off papayas and sugarcane juice!

All this helped me...hope it helps you too!

JB said...

@themouth: Oh thank you. How i miss my thamma (paternal grandma). It is SO good to know someone else has been through this... Can i try olive oil or coconut oil? I cannot tell you how promising that sounds, i will try anything.

@ Maharani: Thanks darling...will try the smoothie as well. I am just so hungry... :(

Vrijilesh Rai said...

Try the good old Lactobacillus treatment. Safe and available as tablets.

Alternatively, have loads of curds.

The mouth talks... said...

Castor and gingelly are supposedly "heat killer" oils...and hence they are traditionally used...but i guess trying with coconut wouldn't hurt!
This is what my gran says and i quote - "Ask her to heat coconut oil till hot,leave it to cool till it is hot enough to touch but not very hot or cold,then apply and leave it on for 20 mins and take a hot long bath.Tell her the water should be hot as hot as she can tolerate,cold water might give her a cold.Repeat alternate days or daily if she has the energy "
Also, drink lots of tender coconut water. :)

Bikramjit said...

ooops Take care of yourself .. all the best ..

I am not so intelligent to tell you what to do , but i guess having lots of liquid shud help a bit ..

Take care


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