Beat those bastards

India is NOT shining. Hosting F1 races and flashy IPL is not making us global icons, it makes us look like morons. So flashy, yet so trashy?
It's high time we used that money to:
1. Pay the police more in the hope they won't take as many bribes (lets start with reduction before we aspire for complete elimination)
2. hire a 'better' quality of policeman (and not just men who cannot get employment elsewhere),
 3. get more women into the police force
 4. Have a fresh, new look at our penal definition of various crimes against women - have stricter punishment for ANY form of violence against women
5. Instant removal of ministers who say anything remotely derogatory about women
6. install cctv at all public venues -- include the footage availability under Right To Information
7. and for fuck's sake STOP voting for assholes in the Indian parliament.

Every country that has reached any sort of real global position -- not just one toasted at cocktail parties and perpetrated by a biased media -- has done so with its women. India has NO chance of going anywhere with the way your daughters' are being treated. And I mean the daughters who go out and do something -- wearing jeans and going to pubs as well -- because frankly the other daughters you are stifling at home ( or killing them before they are born).

The oft repeated question whenever something like Guwahati happens -- and it's happening a bit too frequently -- is, "where do we start?"

 1. Well, let's start with absolute intolerance.
2. Violence against women, particularly any form of mob violence against women, will just not be tolerated. Non-bailable judicial custody followed by the strictest punishment.
 3. There needs to be a limited timeframe in which the case is solved.
 4. Targeting woman/victim's character has to be unacceptable; till at least case comes to court. Police need to Relearn how to work on present evidence and training and not on the basis of what their morality judges right/wrong.
5. There needs to be a specialist team or teams that are henceforth trained to deal with cases like this -- because they're just too many to be one offs.
 6. There needs to be a special Urban Womens' Crime division WITH female police officers educated enough to understand the urban, Indian woman and who also wear jeans/pants and go to the pub perhaps (desirable, not mandatory-- and u can go to a pub and have nimbu pani).

(Side Note: interestingly, women police officers wear pants. Army needs to take note and drop the ridiculously impractical green saris from its uniform)  Let's start with any one of the above. Meanwhile question: Is it time for vigilantism? To perhaps instill some fear -- like every woman feels -- back into the men?


Sagarone said...

The problem is that patriarchy is deeply rooted in the psyche of the common man. Women are therefore inferior beings who need to be protected or lorded over or taken advantage of if circumstances permit. There are no simple solutions to the problem but education starting at the grassroots level has to be a part of any.

JB said...

I suppose the solution has to concurrently happen at different levels.
Catching them young
Teaching the older generation to rackle patriarchy issue
Treating it as a serious law snc order issue...

Bikramjit said...

undrstand the need of special teams but then we know how indian police works..

the only one change that needs to be done is PEOPLE of the nation need to wake up and stand together and make a noise ..

How can 12 people do this when many more than the 12 were standing there WAtching the show and someone was recording it ..

had those people instead of watching just made a LOUD nise , shouted at the 12 .. they would not have dared touch the girl

I hope we as a nation know and understand this all ..

Open letter to all - Bikram's

shikhar said...

The problem is in mentality of youngsters, If you are arguing for your rights today, there are millions who are still following the path taken by elders have the same attitude towards females( Jeans pant nahi chalengi for shaddi, but Gf aisi hi chahihe).
I still see youngsters who save taxes, make false medical bills, make wrong saving strategies to save tax...
I don't know till when we will we overcome all this , I hope it happens soon, so less people get affected ..

Still waiting ...

JB said...

@Shikhar: The problem is the attitude towards women. As for making false medical bills, often companies ASK people to do that, else they say pay more taxes to the govt. The companies could include that money as provident fund but they dont because that would mean they have to pay more...

@ Bikram: And where does making a lot of noise lead us to? WHO is listening? It's high time we stopped saying "we know how the police works". The police has simply got to change the way it works. Unacceptable. I totally agree though that had even 5 people started making a noise and stood up for that kid, things would not have gotten out of hand.

Sree said...

Got reminded: I was 18 and was walking through a road with houses on both sides, and then there is a 5 min loneliness with deserted land on the sides before I can hit the main road with screeching vehicles.As i reached half way of this lonely place, A boy,not more than 12 yrs old, came in a bicycle too big for him,pressed on my chest and rode away.Not able to run with my heels on I looked for pebbles to throw at him and just stood there helpless and stunned, mostly thinking..A boy.A small boy!

Bikramjit said...

Look what happened when the martyrs made that NOISE..

its that noise I a mtalking of, It is time people when they see something wrong , get up and STOP it happening .. its that NOISE i am talking of..

Why are we dependant on the police, police is of people who are like us , greedy-corrupt not wanting to interfere in someone elses problem even if they are getting paid for it ...

by making noise i dont mean , shout hoarse, people are deaf they wont hear it also ..

Exactly stop depending on what police will do, what are WE as a individual going ot do .. GET UP And do it ..

I know this if tomorrow this happens to me , I will not be there waiting for the police to show up , I wont be there looking at someone helpless in a situation ...

I will walk up and DO what a MAN shud be doing .. whcih is definitely not what these MEN do

Open letter to all Indians-Bikram's

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