Project Bookshelf

I have been naughty. I am supposed to clean the house, or start at least. And a huge part of that cleaning up is sorting out our books and shelves. But. Every time I think of house-cleaning I come up with some interesting avenues/ideas to explore. So.

This particular non-cleaning idea/avenue is called Project Bookshelf (because everything is a project these days). Here are what the bookshelves look like in my house (when not tidied!) I'd love to see your shelves, whether posted here or on your blogs. Please leave a link.

If for nothing else than to make me feel nice that there are other humans with cluttered shelves. :) Here go the shelves...

The main shelf: We got the shelf at Sharma Farms on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon road a few weeks before leaving India. It's got dividers for all shelves, but I prefer to keep two of them out to fit in bigger books.

Other than the front row of books visible, there are two rows behind each row with at least one row that has toppled off and is now lying in a huge pile, behind the shelf. Therefore need to tidy it. And also because in a democratic house like mine, I suddenly find that Partner's books -- all history books, biographies, war-related stuff, basically anything dealing wtih real facts -- are getting too much prominence on the shelf.
The Ikea shelf that nearly caused a divorce: And a divorce when you are not married is serious talk, I tell you. This one was purchased after much discussion, debating, fighting and me finally having to resort to the ultimate method of convincing -- throwing a tantrum at Ikea. I know, not very mature and all that, but I NEEDED a bookshelf. I would have preferred one double this one's height, but sometimes you have to know where to call it quits. Partner appreciates books but only as long as he doesn't have to buy furniture to accommodate them. :) And also because he buys maybe three books a year and I have to be kept away from bookstores. Sigh. He doesn't appreciate the fact that instead of an addiction to books, I could have an addiction for jewellery... This shelf used to be only for cookbooks and related stuff but now I have noticed (like while writing this post) that the fiction seems to be taking up space...

Mia's bookshelf: That is usually full but never looks it because right now there are books all over the floor in this particular room (our dining room) and on her cot and on the lounge room rug. This bookshelf was bought from a second-hand store and I really want to add these cutesy giraffe panels I saw online. And because this one is going to change, I er, got my friend to grab me another bookshelf from a second-hand store that is upstairs. I managed to hide it -- yes hide a book shelf -- from Partner for three days before he finally went into the Arts room and saw it. And being a smart man -- one of the reasons I'm with him -- he too realised that it was one of those times he had to call it quits. The shelf had been bought and lodged. :D
PS: Just this morning a dear friend put up a picture of her copy of my book, Confessionally Yours on Facebook. What's so great about that? That's one person who's definitely bought the book and she got it delivered in 1 day from uread. Here is the link for those who might want to order: Confessionally Yours


Anonymous said...

You can get a peek of my book shelf on the book blog : romancingbooks.wordpress.com . Its the header image :D

JB said...

@ Chandni: I know I saw it! And totally loved it. :)

Bikramjit said...

nooooooooooooooooooooooo you dont want me to put the pics , NO way beleive me when i say it yours are much much cleaner and I am embarassed to think the state my shelves are in

and congrats on the book and all the best for future ones

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