Very different people

L-R: Cuffs, J Gillard, Collingwood and KP2
Snort. There was a time when I'd sit in my fourth-floor apartment, smoking, hurting and wondering if I'd ever meet my soulmate. My idea then was this, in short someone who'd be my  mirror image and would like and enjoy all the things I did. In hindsight I think I was looking more for a real friend who I had great sex with.

Well now I have a baby. With the man I love. One of my Criterion For Soulmate was that the man should most definitely dance. I love dancing and I had these visions (very Mills & Boon!) of us breaking out into impromptu dance routines when our favourite salsa number played on the radio (yes, yes, very filmi) or doing a mean tango at some party. Yes. I know it's all very dramatic but then if you've been reading this blog you should have noticed that I do have a certain propensity for drama, no? I love drama, Partner hates it. And as far as his dancing is concerned... I've been expressedly told that 1. I should not write about our personal life here and 2. I definitely cannot write bad things about him. So I cannot write about his dancing.

 We don't read the same books. Rather I might sometimes read the books he reads (Grapes of WrathTomorrow When the War Began, White MughalsBourne Identity; I will never read Commodities and Futures) but he will never even touch the books I read (Harry Potter, Obernewtyn, Terry Pratchett, Jasper Fforde, or even The Help and definitely not How to Train Your Dragon). We are like two different ends of the spectrum: I am vivacious, imaginative, ebullient, passionate and every other nice, interesting thing possible and he is I-am-not-allowed-to-write-about-it. :D No, no, I am not perfect but I tell you that I have to try real hard to not be perfect. I mean for the sake of our relationship and all that!

We sometimes listen to the same kind of music but mostly it's Johnny Cash versus Prodigy. Food we mostly agree on though our cravings are very different. He'll say things like, "I need a steak" and I of course will then throw a fit about wanting "a goat curry. NOW". We have a similar taste in good movies but sometimes, just sometimes a war breaks out. Because the compromising soul that I am, I will still see the 475th movie on the Holocaust but he will simply not agree to watch lighter movies that I suggest. So while Paul is acceptable (do see it, bloody funny) I really have to fight to make him see Morning Glory even though later he grudingly accepted that "it was okay". I mean we have negotiations: Like me watching five war movies against him watching one chick-flick. He constantly wonders why I need him to watch those movies with me. Because I lurve you?

I have given up on TV though because there's no way he's going to let me watch Offspring (an Aussie show) if there's some documentary/sport/animal show on. Except even there when I've sort of made him watch True Blood he's liked it BUT he will never ever accept that in public. If I was still believing in that stringent list I had, I'd be seriously doubting Partner's soulmate status. Thankfully though I am convinced he is.

Partner constantly and vehemently insists I am unnecessarily melodramatic. And yet it was he who said the following when I suggested we watch a certain movie. You decide who's more melodramatic.

Me: Wanna watch xx movie?
Partner. (stony silence)
Me: What?
Partner: There are four things I would really not be doing right now:
1. Go to jail
2. Have sex with Julia Gillard
3. Barrack for (support) Collingwood
4. Watch Kung Fu Panda 2.

So not soulmate. Hrmph.

PICS: Cuffs, Julia Gillard, Collingwood, Kung Fu Panda 2


Jayantika said...

Really nice article, reminds me of my relationship!! Actually it is fun to be around the person, who have least in common!! U finally make meet the ends!!! Love ur posts!!!

Sree said...

"He constantly wonders why I need him to watch those movies with me. Because I lurve you?"
omgosh love isnt easy atall hahahaha!
Movie watching is a very private eye thing jb.yeah!
Actually he should give you permission to write about him once a year,on groundhog day or something.
Mia..where are you?mwahhh

night into day said...

just saying...kung fu panda 2 is funny...though no where as great as the first one...
AND...Ro fell asleep next to me in the theatre(loud snores could be heard, i promise.) while watching KFP 2 AND Pirates of theCaribbean..on stranger tides.
I mean, really!!!Why bother.

JB said...

@ Jayantika: :) It is fun though can be bloody trying too. Thank-you.

@ Sree: Mia watches all the movies I watch (no vampires yet). Wait till she gets her dadda to watch cartoons. bwahahahaha.

@ Night: *groan* Bangkok 2009. I HAD to see Half Blood Prince, even though we were on holiday. It was releasing and there was no way i was going to miss the first show of any Harry Potter movie. So I watched it and He sat outside the theatre in the lounge area. Sleeping. I hear you woman!

suruchi said...

haha...i guess that's why they say opposites attract...and i guess the wit factor is common at the end of the day:-)

Perception said...

Very different but it seems he makes u happy since u r writing bout him..thats the whole point i guess:)

Anonymous said...

he calls all the books i read childish. or even worse he says 'fantasy' with a very suggestive look on his face. i like pizza, he likes biryani and we always fight about it. anna is showing an alarming preference for rice which i will have to fix. but still, i lurve him :P

JB said...

@ Anna's mom: Oh yes, I also get the whole superior, "But why can't you read something that's real?" angle.

JB said...

@ Suruchi: Kya karein ab, rab ne banayi jodi jab ;)

@ Perception: Maybe, maybe... :D

Bikramjit said...

:) now what can i say to that .. I will say what suruchi said opposites attract :)


Grace Personified said...

Just chanced upon your blog through someone else's...you know how that goes, right?

This was like reading a transcript of my own thoughts,I can relate to it that much :)

Deb said...

Its so similar its freaky....o.O

My husband also makes me go through the 500th movie about the holocaust and through the 4000th masala movie and don't like to read attttt allll but is always buying books that i hate and end up reading just cause... Aaargghhh its frustrating sometimes, I mean most of the times, i guess :D But only the thought of being one day apart from hubby always makes me wells up.

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