Here's my Soul Mate

Ah, interestingly it was an evening with Friend that got me re-reading a former chapter that interestingly -- among other things -- enumerates the things I want(ed) in the Soul Mate...and was definitely sure I didn't want to compromise on. Hmm, did the reminding help? "And the whole idea of a Soul Mate is someone who has no flaws. Perfection? Of course not, because my vision is flawed. But perfection is wanting all the flaws I want." Why is it so difficult to find The man or even A man who can thinks/has/gives all that I want? Here goes the list:
. He has to absolutely love every inch of me, inside out — from who I am and can be, what I wear and could still develop affinity for, my idiosyncrasies, my meanness, my need for affection.

. He should touch me a lot — a gentle hug, just standing behind me holding me close, a soft whisper felt on the nape, a gentle nibble on my jaw, a nuzzle in my ear...

. He should appreciate it when I look good — a glance, a word, a squeeze, an arm around the waist, frequent looks in the rear view, glances that delve deep, linger on the lips.

. He should love to kiss. Not the let's-fuck-now kind of desperate kiss; but the kind that talks. I like your after-brush freshness kiss, I like the way you dance when listening to music while cooking kiss, the I want to hold you really close kiss, I just want to feel you next to me kiss...

. He should be taller than me: I like looking up to my man (being small helps). I don't want to be thought less of, but I dont mind him being in charge.

. He should know the above point and not misuse it.

. He should have a healthy bunch of buddy friends who like too and vice versa.

. He should consider himself lucky that I am with him and me luckier still that I have him.

. He should love and appreciate the same things as me (and teach me stuff I don't know) -- massages, good food, trying new stuff, wanting to learn something, chilling together, chilling with friends, a lazy stroll in a park you don't know, plants and gardening, pets and looking after them, colours and paints, music and dance, photography, decorating a place, making things from scratch, expensive buys, teaching...

. He should be spontaneous yet sane. He should be able to truly, pleasantly surprise me -- should believe in candle lit dinners, bhajia chai on rainy noons and hot soups in winter evenings.

. He should love his skin and mine as well.

. He should have enough hair, but should not be hairy.

. He should have a good body, a little bit of flab is okay.

. He should have intelligent, confident women as his friends and should be besotted with me, should love all us us equally as intelligent people and should love me insane as a woman, his woman. 

.He should be possesive. Refuse to share me with anyone and demand the same.

.He should make crazy love to me, with me. He should crave it, take it, relish it, force it, cherish it... 

. He should not be scared by the intensity of Me. 

. He should love me tenderly, he should love me firmly. 

. He should be able to handle me.

Post Scrap: "And I swear on everything I hold true, I will be his every dream come true," said the Princess as she looked beyond the horizons at the Love War she was destined to lose.


go-phish said...

and i point blank CANNOT believe this post got one measly comment!

the world is crazy

and what you described...an utterly delicious prospect!

sigh.. :)

JB said...

@ go-Phish: Sigh too. It's far scarier though when you think you have it all -- or most, minus perhaps the dancing and a couple of things here n there -- because then you keep wondering what if you lose it all?

Portia said...


yeah that would be my soul mate too, plus or minus a couple of things.

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