I am pretty sure a whole lot of you saw Google's very cool doodle yesterday. I initially thought it was "invention of the guitar" or something but learnt later -- after Googling of course -- that it was to celebrate guitarist Les Paul's birthday. I hope you had much fun twanging away, I know I did. Apparently some people 'created' music pieces as well; though I've tried clicking on some of the links given in news stories, I haven't been able to hear anything. But anyway, it was an awesome surprise to discover the strings actually worked. I realised quite accidentally when I pointed the cursor over the doodle to read the mouse-over of whatever 'day' was being celebrated. Totally loved it Google, thanks.
Here's a cool photo essay in Times for a quick rundown of the noteworthy doodles. For those who want the entire doodlepedia, here's the link to all the doodle's ever on Google's website. It was good fun through the images and history, enjwoy.

Have a good weekend too; it's a long weekend -- Monday is the Queen's birthday therefore holiday as well -- here in Australia. Tomorrow I'm going to watch Dr Zhivago the musical, super excited. This will be my first, ever live musical. :D
PS: I hate Bing for searches, it's bloody useless.


Anonymous said...

I loved the doodle! Google impresses me a lot. Their success story is a must read.

Bikramjit said...

YEah it was a good way of paying respect to the person who invented gthe Electric guitar .. ..

Google has done very well over the time and it does amaze all every now and then


neeraj said...

Leave the doodle aside, a 'google follow' feels like the right thing to do at the moment.

Oh and a comment awaits your attention somewhere in my kingdom.

Anonymous said...

this isnt about the google but congrats on the real beauty thing! well deserved, i loved your post- i wish i'd won measly 3000 bucks atleast!

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