Phew. It's been a busy five days. My back is sore. Actually sore is an understatement, it's f*cked. Have a crazy desire to just sit down and finish the Book, but it will have to wait till new year. I AM going to get cracking after that. Desperately need a four-hour body massage while I sleep through it. Need to buy new clothes for Mia, that makes two of us with nothing to wear.

Whole lot of cooking/baking for the week ahead. Somewhat nervous if I'd be able to pull it off as Mia seems to be teething again. She has her front two teeth out but her cheeks are again a brilliant red, she's drooling more and she just had one of the worst crying fits ever. Just like the last time, she doesn't want to eat, wants to be constantly held and cannot sleep since she is hungry. Bonjela teething gel did not work at all and it was only once Partner suggested baby Panadol that the poor bub settled. I want to write but I'm very tired, stressed about the amount of hair I'm losing everyday -- molting worse than Billy -- and my back really, really hurts. When I stop thinking about my back hurting I remember that my right wrist has also now been really, really hurting for the last three months. Happy Monday eh? These are some of the pics of what I've been up to for the last five days...

I am scared of getting under the shower now. Each time, and I mean eachbloodytime, I am losing this and sometimes more.
Soon my hair will look like Mia's; I wouldn't mind her skin though.

 She looks unhappy here because she insisted I was abusing her right to privacy by uploading her pic here. I told her that the only 'right' I know is the one where mom is always right. But. Imagine if tomorrow all the mommy bloggers' kids grow up traumatised because their lives have been open to the whole world. Truman Shows all around and the mums will be to blame.

She showed her frustration by giving a good hiding to Winnie the Pooh (good Christmas deals at K-Mart people, check it out). I think she meant to tell me she's not scared of taking on anyone bigger than her.

Then over the weekend we couldn't find Billy. Only to later find him in Mia's aunty's room. He said he was looking for the Christmas decorations and wishes everyone a merry Christmas.
 I also baked another chocolate chiffon cake. It was meant for the annual-friends-Xmas-barbeque. I didn't end up taking it because Melbourne got rainy, the bbq got cancelled and we all -- Mia and two babies included -- ended up at the Lord Newry Hotel, north Fitzroy.
And the cake ended up getting a layer of luciously tart and ripe raspberries and became Saturday-night dessert for the four of us -- Mia's Nanna and Pop, Partner and I. Mia also got a weeeeee bit of chocolate cake. While so far she has refused any form of fruit or vegetable, she didn't seem to have any problems with the chocolate. Worrying.

Thursday, I made tomato-and-goat's-cheese flan again. This was my second time and again it made me happy That cook book stand in the background is from a cafe in Torquay. As in, the cafe also sells decorative homeware. I have plans of painting it bright red.
 This is what the flan looked like pre-baking. I modified the recipe and chucked in some diced bacon as well. It's really easy and really tasty. Of course I will be putting up the recipe soon. That's my new Wiltshire pie-pan.
 This is the baked flan. Partner quite likes it, which is a boon given how fussy he can sometimes be.
 Today I baked some simple white bread. It turned out quite well, the crust was awesome. So much so that Partner cut himself slices and ate without any cajoling. He even gave me a 4.5/5 score. When I asked about the missing 0.5, he said, "Can't give a perfect score." ;)
After the bread I made some JB special green chicken curry in coconut milk. While usually I make it with zucchini, I also used a red and yellow pepper today. We both had two bowlfuls.

I do like cooking. But writing is my first love. After Christmas then, the Book. I've got to finish it.


sinusoidally said...

Jhoomur your baby is such a cutie patootie. Sorry to hear about your hair loss, you should get your thyroid functions tested just in case...

JB said...

@ Sinus: Thanks for that. And yeah, have thought about the thyroid, will go in for a check up in Jan. Are you a doctor by any chance?

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