Today I baked a chocolate chiffon cake with a filling of chocolate butter icing and frosted with chocolate ganache. I baked it to celebrate the birthday of one of the mum's in my mothers' group. The girls came home, there were six of us and there's a quarter of the cake left. I am very glad that they liked the cake, that everyone had two servings and we had a relaxed time.

:P What is absolutely sickening though is that once I finished piping the icing and before I washed out the icing gun...
I ate all the remaining chocolate icing. I cleaned the bowl out with my fingers. I even put the icing nozzle in my mouth and squeezed the frosting right into my mouth.

Since Mia's birth -- and sometime before that -- I have eaten umpteen packets of Timtam, many cakes, croissants with dollops of butter on them. I drink full cream milk. I also drink very sweet coffee; two teaspoons of sugar in each cup. Sometimes three cups a day.

But none of the above compares to what I've done in the last month and a half. All by myself, I have drank 15 litres of Coca Cola. I hate myself.


Dee said...

Ohh god! Make tat 15 litres of diet coke to mine!

I am so addicted to diet coke.. that I am pretty sure it's no longer healthy :P

JB said...

@ Dee: Seriously?! I think we need to start a Coke-Anonymous rehab group.

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