Mia in her Bjorn bouncer, napping
It's 2pm and I'm very nervous. Typing this out is also taking a while because I'm hitting the keys very, very gently. I've put the cellphone on silent and have killed two flies who were inside my house and buzzing too loudly. I even ran to the other room when I had a minor sneeze attack. I am dying to have some cold milk but dreading opening the fridge door lest it's too noisy. All this tiptoeing has been going on for the last 40 minutes. Mia is finally asleep and I'm terrified of doing anything that might wake her up. And the only place she'd sleep is in her Bjorn bouncing-chair (I'm in love with it).

Since last Thursday (Dec 2), whenever I'm trying to put her to bed in the morning hours, Mia seems to be fighting with me a lot. That was the first day she was awake for almost 10 hours in the morning. Now it seems she is not only fighting each time I'm trying to put her to bed, she's also fighting each time I try to feed her. Earlier she would drink at least 100 ml straight up, have a play then drink the rest of her milk and go off to sleep (say 180-240 ml in all). Now she drinks say 40-60 ml and then fights, fights, fights if I try to feed her more.

BUT, when she is awake, she seems pretty happy and does not cry. As in the only time she throws a complete fit -- crying, arching back, tears, LOTS of screaming, body-going-rigid -- is WHEN I try to give her more milk once she's drank some (and spat out the bottle). In fact if I even show her the bottle -- and she doesn't want to drink -- she starts grizzling. The moment I put her down or hide the bottle, she starts smiling or babbling and is generally happy. She does finish her feed but instead of her usual patten of eat-play-eat-sleep, she now spreads it out over two hours, without any sleep at the end of it. I don't know what's happening.

Mia will be five months on Dec 17th. Is she big enough to skip morning sleep? Should I stop trying to put her to bed in the morning/afternoon? Will that not overtire her? Is she under-feeding? While she fights in the morning, at night she has her feed and goes to bed with little fighting...and then sleeps for 8-10 hours. Is that all the sleep she needs? Am I getting unnecessarily worked up? Mia's also teething (front two little toothies coming out) and touches/pulls her right ear a lot, even while asleep. She's also started drooling a fair bit and chews on her right index finger.

Is the no-sleep-food-fight behaviour because of teething? I am using a bit of Bonjela teething gel, is there anything else I can use/do? Any of you who have undergone something similar or have any suggestions on what I could do, please share, it would be much appreciated.

PS: To the hour, she's up. I looked at her, she smiled and then blew raspberries at me. Sigh.


sinusoidally said...

Mia may have a ear infection, kids generally pull their ear. Although most ear infections go away on their own, still they are generally treated with antibiotics like amoxicillin. Take her to a pediatrician. Good luck.

Jhoomur aka JB said...

@ Sinus: Tks for that. I don't think it's ear infection, nonetheless going to the doctor tomorrow to rule it out. Hate seeing her in pain, she's such a calm, happy bubba usually. thankyou.

Sree said...

maybe she wants you to come up with new ways of making her sleep. Try a new lullaby or a soothing baby music cd etc. Should def ask her doc about this new rules shes trying to make.

Anonymous said...

First, relax, take a deep breath. It is fine. Go with her time table. Feed when she is hungry. Teething can make her time table go haywire. Babies sleep more, sleep less, poo a lot, don't eat and all that stuff when they are teething. Also, she might need a change in her sleep time table. Babies can sleep one day and stay awake the next. I think it is fine. :)

The Jelly Bean's Mum said...

I definitely agree with wording my thoughts. JB, you are doing fine, don't over analyse every movement lest it make you a crazy person, believe me, I've been there!! Just try to remember to live in the moment, don't add up all of the details and feel as though you need to tick each day off as a success or failure. EVERY day is a challenge and a joy at times. Just be, babe!

And also remember that before we had clocks and bottles to measure how much they were eating and timetables and bonjela the human race survived. We are animals after all, if she's sad, if she's teething, if she doesn't want her bottle, let her be. She'll let you know when she is hungry. And if her mouth is hurting trying the simple things (H never liked the taste of bonjela) - an ice cube wrapped up in a wet face washer/clean cotton hanky - they suck the life outta it - or those rusks are good chew toys!

Give her and yourself a break, cuddle her, pick her up. No one likes a toothache but every baby likes having a nap on the couch with their mama when they're tired. Mama's tend to like it as well.

Pudi said...

mama ...thanks for the sunglasses ..u rock

JB said...

@ Pudi: Mamma knows best. ;)

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