Waiting: Siem Reap to Bangkok

1. Waiting at the airport to get to the penultimate leg of our journey. Ideally, we should have been sitting on an island beach. Except that Indian passport cannot get you across road borders from Cambodia into Thailand. So we reached the border and had to come back to the hotel.

2. I think, think because I have not checked my big bag yet...that I might have lost my notebook. That is depressing enough to not want to write anymore. :(

This picture was taken on the first boat trip in Luang Prabang, Laos. We had an overnight stopover at a village called Pakh Beng and what a storm it was! Olympus 900 camera, hi shutter speed and 27 shots in one row yielded this. I'm hoping it would clear out more with some photoshop. Whaddyathink?

2. Boat trip: The next day, thanks to the previous night's storm and loads of food and drinking, this is what the people on the boat looked like...


Sree said...

lol whataboattrippin.
notebook is in there...not to worry.have a more awesome rest of the journey.

freudian slip said...

i lost mine whil seriously drunk and off to meet a pissed off girlfriend.

and im jealous, very very jealous.

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