So far, so good

Chiang Mai, Thailand

It's almost like being on a food tour. I love the street food and love the way things are cooked here.

Do notice that I wrote 'things' are cooked... Cicadas, frogs, jellyfish, snake to the usual pigs, fish and everything else that moves can be prepared here.

The second picture is of a dish wrapped in vine leaves with interesting stuffing...


Medha said...

I absolutely loved eating out every single day when I was in phuket. The food in Thailand is simply delicious no?
Plus i think when someone visits Thailand, they should try and avoid eating in restaurants. Everyone should try different things sold on the streets. Though I must say i never really experimented and stuck to chicken, pork and fish. Didn't dare to try out frogs or snakes.

Sree said...

oye,i do check this blog then n now okay and why the heck i didnt find this post yday or day before...i mean it says posted on 7th and i see it only today?
Snail mail?
Anyway.street food and snakes...arey..nahee nahee.u enjoy anyways.

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