Little fatty...

I am fat. Checked my weight and I'm now 49.3 kgs. In November 2007, was 37 kgs. Not good. Sigh. Problem being the happier I am, the more I eat. I am happy and it's showing. Most of the weight rests between the neck and the belly button. Not bad but cannot afford anymore weight. The pic's from this weekend, we were at a wedding.

Friends over for dinner tonight. Menu for the evening:
Kebabs (for snacks) might team them with salami and cheese
Garden salad
Beans-carrots-potato subzi
Butter chicken
Chocolate butter cake with icecream for dessert (off the shelves both)

Current status:
1. Cashews made into paste (already ate half of them and did the rest first before I have to make another trip to the supermarket)
2. Will marinate chicken and keep it in the fridge to sit for a while
3. Then will put up mince to steam
4. Along with the daal on another stove.

Might put the recipes up, one at a time. Don't know yet, it's quite bleak and cold today and the light outside is not good. Why does that matter? Because I shoot my pictures in my backyard in natural light. I have no job, I am poor and thereby cannot afford lights.

Very happy cooking, Partner not too happy since he insists that the time I spend cooking should be spent writing. Not blog, but the book. Also got to finish 1200 word uni assignment. Damn. Should not forget that.

Am off; might update later...

PS: Ah, by the way, those in Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad; there's a Spanish Film Festival on from 16-26th March. Check this out for more details.


Silvara said...

WOMAN! I will personally come and doosh u over the head if you say ur fat!! 37 kilos is ANOREXIC - and even now you are underweight to NORMAL :D

I am a good 8 kilos heavier than you my friend and am desperately trying to lose it. However I am tempted to kepp it on just for a taste of butter chicken....Pleeeeeease put up that recipe - am dying to find a good one that is simple to make, relatively healthy and tasty :D

JB said...

@ Silvara: Of all the things that have been done to me -- requested or otherwise -- I've never been "dooshed". heh. AND, you are at least 5-6 inches TALLER than I am. I am a shorty. Fatty shorty.
As for butter chicken; very soon m'lady, very soon.
Also, did you see 'Lost in Austen'?

Sree said...

Like the way you are being held.

A book?

JB said...

@ Sree: Yeah, i like it too...its Partner, but not right to put his picture up here when he does not blog.
Er, more an idea right now.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

You're calling yourself fatty? I mean seriously? At 49.3 kgs you're calling yourself fatty?

Ok. If you don't mind, I'm going to hate you for a while!

*goes off in a huff to devour a couple of bars of Twix*


JB said...

@ Mamma Mia: 49.3 - 37 = 12.3 kgs gained.
have you seen how gorgeous you look in a sari? AND you have a baby. :(
(asks Mamma if she wants a hot oil massaged in her hair and scalp as conciliation)

Perakath said...

How tall are you, ma'am?

Kartikey said...

37 kgs... [pauses. breathes]

49.3 fat? Despite your height? I guess you are healthily plump. Which is a good sign, it will help now of you lifted those pink dumbbells. More strength and shape. [As if i am the right person to say this]

JB said...

@ Perakath: 5 feet small. :D

@ Kartikey: very sweet of you to say that....BUT...then i will be small and stocky. like a miniature body builder!

Espèra said...

Fuck you! You're 49.3 and you're cringing? I'm 8 kilos heavier.

Thanks for making me feel obese all of a sudden.

flygye12 said...

the happier u are, the heavier u become.....(ok i try to make myself believe that...sigh)

Jhoomur aka JB said...

@ Espera: :( why should you feel heavier because of me?! I could very easily have body dismorphic disorder...ever considered that?!

@ Flygye: hain? it's true. when i am depressed, my hunger dies.

Sree said...

Dont think anyone really gets hungry when depressed.Eating when depressed is like hugging someone for comfort.If I was like you,the world would have saved so much food and I would have been a size worse.

Just wanted to comment.Nevermind.

Swati said...

there was a time when i was 45kgs...and i am 5'6"....i used to look like a skeleton...pale skin...dark circles...little kids used to look at me and cry :D...anyway one day my body suddenly decided enough was enough and developed an appetite...so 3 yrs later i was 60 kgs....now i'm back to 55 but still think i'm fat...actually my weight is ok but the flab is not :(..i think i forgot what point i was trying to make :P
anyway...you look pretty sexy in that pic :)

Eveline said...

Hmm... So i'm 50 kgs and counting..
I think it's the ideal amount of weight for a person who's 5'2. It depends on your height... but i will not believe that you've got it inside your head that you have to cramp it down to 37! Yikes!!

Well, whatever you do, do it the right way!

MRC said...

Somebody said they'd "doosh u over the head if you say ur fat"...DITTO!! Are you munchkin sized that you think 49kgs is fat???? PLEASE!! I've been FAT and OBESE practically all my life and I really think you're blind and/or have never looked into a mirror if you call yourself fat!

JB said...

@ Swati: 55 at 5'6" sounds good. And i know what you mean by when you were skinny you looked scary...i;ve been there too. My boobs vanished, my skin shrunk and i discovered bones in my body i didn't realise i had. Funny thing...when i used to write about being skinny and weak, no one really objected. BUT the moment you write about being fat...

@ Sree: so you eat when you're depressed or don't eat?

@ Eveline: No, no...i dont want to be 37 kgs....you can't buy clothes then because nothing fits. Of course, it's also mega unhealthy. BUT, I wouldn't mind being 42 or 45 perhaps. So just gotta shake off 4-5 kilos...but i love chocolates, coke, thickly buttered bread, fried stuff, 3 tsps sugar in every cup of coffee i have...
Lord! i am a bad example for healthy living.

@ MsMRC: I am blind love; wear glasses and short-sighted. since i dont like how the glasses look on me, half the time I am walking around with a blurry view.
And oho, thinking fat was a (true but) weak moment.

Silvara said...

Hahaha you ARE a midget :D

But I am actually only 2 inches taller than you (I have a superiority complex that makes me believe I am very very tall :D)

Oh haha a doosh is basically a thwack to the head when someone has been stupid :P

JB said...

@ Silvara: OI. Either midget or stupid. Only one insult allowed per day. :P

Espèra said...

What is body dismorphic disorder? All I know is that you aren't very happy about being nearly 50.

I'm not that much taller than you, you kmow.

Sree said...

This is an eye test:
I'm showing you 5 fingers.How many do you see.
Stand 2 feet away from the clock.What time is it now?
Lil bit of sugar n salt are placed near to each other in a white plate. Stand 2 feet away.Show me which is sugar and which is salt!

JB said...

@ Espera: BDD is when you want to change things about your body; it's a disorder. GOOGLE! :D

@ Sree: says "five", two fingers are thicker than the others.
-- dont have clock, can't read digital clock on computer. Even YOU can't :D
--- sugar and salt is NOT fair; even with glasses i taste and differentiate. :D

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