'Platonic spooning' a big lie

What's the most irritating thing that can happen when you're sleeping over at another person's place? Realising the next day that you've forgotten to bring a fresh set of panties. It's even worse if you're changing into jeans. Going commando in denims isn't that cool. Luckily, and when Murphy's Laws aren't working: you will forget the panties and carry a skirt. Convenient. Though there are women I know who are absolutely horrified at the idea of not wearing panties...at all times. I wonder if they take them off when bathing... I dont understand wearing underwear in bed either. I sleep in the buff, most times. Unless time, convenience and company is not to my liking. Anyway.

Went for a lounge music scene last evening that turned out to be part of a rock fest with some bands I was really not that keen on. The Educated Rocker was there with gang and so was his Nightingale. Had a vodka-on-the-rocks with a dash of cordial and took off. The idea was to head out for an at-home-movie and nightcap at the Thinker's pad. All was cool till the talking... it was the drive back where I got weird.

Thinker and me think alike, have a lot to talk about and he would be one of the men who stimulates me....mentally, the most. And he's an attractive man. And we've been attracted to each other for quite some time now, but have never felt the need to explore it further. Except last night when I got weird. Dont know about others, but I can pretty much tell when a situation is leading to sex. And the guy does not even have to look at me for me to know that. So I got weird...I wanted sex (well), but not with the Thinker.
"Why are you getting weird on me...dont deny, you are": Thinker
"Not on you, have become somewhat weird about sex.": Me
"So we wont have sex. When i think of you, I just want to cuddle..what you would call spooning in one of your writings. Harmless" : Thinker

REALLY. Think about it: you have a virile man, a wanting woman, who both decide not to have sex. One is drunk, the other slightly and stoned. Wearing a tee shirt and shorts. Smelling nice. You definitely want to cuddle. So you want to hold me against your chest, pull me closer and "spoon" me into you. How nice. Very comfortable....I can almost feel the stubble on my neck, the warm breath like a comfortin thought down my spine, that assuring arm around my waist, my heel (particularly after recent discovery of sensitive nerve endings thanks to Sole Male) beinng tickled by your toes.....sigh. And your penis prodding into my butt. It sort of spoils it all. When I am not in the mood for penis, or a particular penis. Or any particular penis. Or particularly a penis. Hmmmm.

The other day I was told -- it was an observation by Sexy Buddha -- that I was taking a little too much interest in Yogi Baba's very beautfiful, buxom and extremely do-able Model Wife. What a pretty name she has. Hmmm. I was. I want to shoot her. On film. With her hair open.

But am digressing. And thanks to all the probing-penis-in-your-butt thing, I missed my shag. :(
Thats me and my thoughts and no probing penises...not the way I dont want them. More on that later....

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