I am Vagina; and am not a p***y

Hmm. Was re-reading what I wrote earlier and was mortified to realise that I shy away from calling my vagina, a p***y. I didnt call it a vagina either, but called it a 'Kat' instead (Kat = cat=pussy). Hmm. Why? Is it because I consider 'p***y' derogatory? what about snatch, c**t, venus mound, flytrap, etc etc? How come a vagina is called everything else but a VAGINA? And no, its not about how a penis is often (mostly) referred to as a dick either. The point is: you will still have it being called a penis, which is what it is!

However, when it comes to a vagina: somehow it is always a p***y. How many times have you heard? "Yo dude, watch that hot vagina coming our way!" Of course, call it a hot p***y and everyones instantly knows whats being talked about. Somehow calling a vagina a vagina takes away the p***y-sting. YES. it is a sting. I dont want my vagina called a p***y. So you wanna get into my pants? For my VAGINA. Not the p***y. The only puss I had was borrowed and is currently at Dude's place. [and will remain there :( ]

Its funny how despite having seen Monologues, the entire point about having the audience scream out "VAGINA" aloud, is making sense now. I have a vagina. I think of it everyday. I definitely touch it everyday. And I would accept its presence and existence everyday too. No more p***y, Kat, and all other p***y-names given for it.

Feministic? Umm, no? Have never understood the word. But definitely something I dont want to live with anymore.
Much has happened in and around my Vagina, for me to be calling it a mere p***y.

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