I am Mom, this is my monologue

"Good news? What would that be?"
"I am being sarcastic? not with you. When have you bothered about what people -- least of all your mother -- has to say?"
"Good news? You're NOT thinking love, not again."
"And your good news is very different from other peoples'."
"All the things you keep saying: keeping your boyfriend because you don't want to sleep with too many men!"
"Maybe I am conservative and old fashioned."
"WHAT about your happiness? We were also educated, but we didn't think orgasms all the time. Marriages are not made on orgasms."

Click. Bleep. Whirr. Static. Dead.
Marriages are not made on orgasms. Hmm. But broken due to the lack of them? And wonder of wonders, no marriage and STILL fucking no orgasm. Not the screaming my lungs, need-to-change-the-sheet, marks on me, kind. Uhm. I will go think about Office Beefcake. More than think. :) Imagination rocks. And men think they need to drink to screw women. Hah.

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