I am Sunita and I get beaten everyday

I am Sunita, 30-years-old, three children: two daughters aged 17 and 14 and a son who is 10. Today I was beaten up, first when i was being beaten for myself and then when I was trying to save my younger daughter ...who was trying to save me.

My husband -- an alcoholic, without job and with another woman he spends my money on --- was hitting me this morning. As usual. We had an episode last night too. As usual. so my younger daughter got in the way, trying to stop him from beating me. She thought if he hit me too hard i would die. You see, just two years back (i was 28), I had an open heart surgery. But he hit me, because I warned the Other Woman that she has to stay away from my husband.

So when my younger daughter tried to protect me, he throttled her. And said he would fuck me and my daughters. How can he? They are his children, his flesh and blood. How could he say that? Why does he treat us like this? I didn't get the kids from my parents'...they were born here. Of him. How can he talk about screwing his own daughters? what if she does? What should I do?

Should i leave him? what will the world say? what will happen to my daughters? who will marry them? Will they also have a life like me?? I am Sunita. I got married at 18. I am a maid in a swanky household. WHAT IS MY FAULT?

(as narrated)

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Sunanda said...

Hey Sunita,

Definitely you should leave. In fact, you should have left years ago. Let me tell you something that life has taught me. You cannot control the way other people behave. But you can at least try to protect yourself and your loved ones. Who will marry your daughters is something nobody knows now. But have you given a thought of the trauma your daughters would have to face, if your husband rapes them?

Have you given a thought about the trauma your children are going through right now?

You don't deserve such an asshole as a husband. Just leave with your children. Find a new place for yourselves and live freely.

All the best,

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