Monsters University

Had a great today. Started out with breakfast with close friends at local café -- stacked hash browns, avocado and sumptuous coffee -- followed by some shopping for a mum-to-be. Then driving around for some work with the kids. Then it was our first movie at a theatre as a family, as in all four of us.
We saw Monsters University, which is absolutely adorable. Mia was a little concerned there was no "Boo" this time but soon got over it. Livvy tried to stay up but was soon snoring through most of the movie.
Followed by dinner at local restaurant where I pigged out on prawn in chilli sauce and now consequently have a horrendous tummy ache. But hey, what's a tummy ache for a good day spent?
Monsters University is like a prequel to Monsters Inc and tells the story of how Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and James P. Sullivan (John Goodman) met and became friends. It's a movie about under dogs or under-monsters as is the case and involves a whole lot of spoofing of everything from all-American college movies to a rather funny take-off on human horror movies. :D Some of the jokes had more adults laughing than kids but most kids enjoyed watching silly monsters doing sillier stuff. Highly recommend for a nice evening off with the kids.

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