Save the bunny

Why do you hate me Patrner? Just look at my stupid expression. It's saww cuute. I was bought for $6, not the best money spent but hey, just look at me. I've been around three years despite numerous murder attempts. Including being chucked at t...he wall by a then-18-month old. Toddlers! Shudder. And then She asked you to pack me in bubble wrap and put me in the Lounge Room box. Instead... She just found me in the recycle bin. Outside. She's hidden me now. Going to Jakarta, she said. She also said she trusts you. How could you??!!!
PS: For those who might not know, we are moving to Jakarta in the next few months. For a couple of years or more, don't know yet.
But major excitement. And little bit nervousness.

Also said bunny is a wooden Easter Bunny that has been inexplicably hated by Partner ever since I purchased it.


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