Happy new year then

Oh well. Today's the first day of Mia's potty training. Or non-training. So far all we have achieved is a sudden, definite preference for being nappy-less, announcing pee-pee-pee very loudly while pointing to nether regions and when I run to her, all excited, she scuttles away cackling gleefully. She doesn't get it that poo-ing is serious business.

However there is small comfort in the fact that she has instantly taken to her potty. She has so far put coins in it, made Charlie Bear sit in it and has even put -- and eaten -- her avocado sandwich from it. She has even given it two kisses. It's a start.

The new year will hopefully bring pottying in the right place. For Mia that is. For me, I'm hoping to start and stick to an exercise regime WHILE I try to look and feel positive. Even if the world would have ended by this time next year, I am hoping to do heaps of cooking, reams of writing, much sewing and knitting and finally conquering growing the perfect tomatoes -- the current plants look perfect now but till I don't see healthy, red fruit that I have picked and used in a salad, they don't count. I also wish to successfully control ants in the house and fricking white flies in the garden.

I hope to eat less sugar and more cake and somehow make both those things work together. I wish to lose at least 8 kgs by this time in 2012. Perhaps the end-of-the-world will prove enough of a stress factor and induce me to shed. Or it might make me eat more.

What else? Heaps of other things, which I can't think of right now. I only wanted to write about Mia's potty training. And to ask for any tips that you might have. Oh yes, wish you all a very happy new year. Thank-you for reading, thank-you for being around. See you in 2012.


Bikramjit said...

Happy new year to you and everyone and especially MIA :)

all the best with the training :)


JB said...

@ Bikramjit: Thank-you so much and wish you a very happy new year too. 'Speak' soon.

Sree said...

Happy New year!
Good to read few new posts here. Just write.

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