Rape...and getting away with it in India.

Statutory warning: Could be disturbing. Some of you might find the following post offensive. Some of you might enjoy it because you might be a bastard. Or because you have already done it and gotten away with it.

It’s cleared here that the post does NOT promote raping a woman, since there are people stupid enough to need that clarification. However, following recent rape cases, there seems to be a guide-book that rapists are following. And it ‘could’ read like this:

1. A man let's the woman think he is friend so that she trusts him. Others could be a stranger and can catch her off-guard in a secluded place.
2. A secluded place is often not mandatory: A bunch of men can do it in public by squeezing her breasts, feeling her butt and tearing her clothes. It happened twice in Mumbai and other men joined in.
3. Some don't bother with penile intercourse. They shove anything inside a woman... They seem to know that a girl cannot do anything to prove rape since a penis was not used.
4. Drunk women are supposedly easy targets. It's scary when young women in pubs declare, "Oh I am drunk" with their clothes falling all over the place. Someone offers her/them a ride... and she's raped in a car. The women did NOT step out toe be raped; they stepped out to dance. But it happens. Later they will say in court that her character was questionable.
5. Many such rapists -- mobile rapists in cars -- have their car windows absolutely tinted. It's against the law in most Indian states, but it just takes 100 bucks to bribe a traffic cop who might object. It seems mobile rapists prefer big cars with wide back seats; it helps to spread the woman.
6. Not that anyone cares if the woman is cramped or hurting; rape is not exactly known to be comfortable. Mobile rapists often have a good stereo system with blaring music; guess it drowns out the screams. Some perhaps threaten the girl to keep quiet... they use a knife or beat her senseless.
7. Often it's not just the rape. Women -- especially children who are 8-years-old -- are left torn and bleeding. Perhaps the rapist gets excited when he tears into a woman/ girls vagina or anus.
8. Given that many medical shows and crime show that sperm is used for a 'rape swab' -- testing whether a victim has been raped -- rapists seem to be getting smarter and don't ejaculate inside a woman. Medical tests also need to be done within 24 hours to be conclusive evidence. Sometimes, girls are 'thrown away' after three days of repeat use.
9. White girls, “foreigners” and Indian girls who go out to nightclubs are seen as easy rape victims. Why them? Because they were partying. Or walking to the local dhaba to get food. Or seen dancing with boys. Or showed cleavage. Sometimes, just because they had a vagina.
It had been playing up on my mind for quite some time, rather since Sunday morning when a front page article – three paragraphs of it – in Times of India read, “12-year-old gang-raped and murdered by policeman, accomplices.” Two pages later, adjacent a page filled with ads – one of them from a bank that promised india of the future – there were only rape report after rape reports. A full page of rape.
Two weeks back on the Bhikaji Cama flyover, this kid from office and me were returning home in an auto. I was smoking. As the traffic slowed on the flyover, three boys on a scooter came very close to the auto – I was sitting on the left, to the exit – and started saying, “Give us the cigarette sexy, cigarette to dede hamein,” one of them reached out inside and I started screaming whatever came to my head including words like “vehicle number”, “police”, “stop the auto”, “follow them”. They fled. I dialed 100, there was no response.
Three weeks back, Partner and me stopped at Bikaner Sweets in Katwaria Sarai – two minutes from Qutub Hotel, a five star – to eat some samosas and gulab jamuns, we have a weakness for it. As we waited for the sales guy to take our order, there was a group of boys standing and checking me out and making various noises. Another guy passed me saying, “Dekh desi choot ne gora pakad liya hai.” Literally it meant, “Indian cunt has found a white boy.” Partner does not understand Hindi, I did not translate: He would have gotten into a fight. I do not underestimate my man… but I do NOT want him knifed. Remember Crash? When the policeman holds a gun to husband’s head and fingers the wife? So I take even more crap when with Partner for fear of his reaction. It is not in me to keep quiet, but I do.
These days I am getting into more verbal skirmishes with random men and auto drivers than I ever have… I CANNOT stand the idea of anyone looking my way. My blood boils and I want to punch, kick and take their balls in my hands and SQUEEZE till their eyes pop out. I am so scared it is making me a nervous wreck.
And CONSTANLY my friends and well-wishers tell me to CALM DOWN FOR MY OWN GOOD. It is NOT helping me. I am told that speaking out or taking on “these people” might backfire. I might get beaten up. I might be picked off and gang-raped. I wonder then, does gang-rape hurt lesser than a single man raping? Doesn’t a woman pass out after say the third forceful penetration? (Then I remember a case where a girl was gang-raped for four days…) Do they stop to consider if the woman is wet? Do they stop if she develops sudden cramps in her stomach? Do they stop if she starts bleeding? Since rape is power, perversion and a crime of dominance, chances are, they don’t. They do all this to KIDS. Little girls who don’t even have their vaginas READY to take in a finger. Much less a man.
1999. A father rapes his 8-year-old daughter by forcing her to give him a blow job, by penetrating her with his fingers, both anally and vaginally. The High Court of India DISMISSED the case saying the case was invalid. The Indian Penal Code ONLY takes penile penetration as rape. Hahahahahaha.
I am getting more paranoid, cagier. So now, not only do I have to bear men staring at my breasts, my arse, saying nasty things like, “Choot chudhwani hai kya” – which in English for those who DON’T understand Hindi means-: “Do you want your pussy f**ked?” I also cannot say anything about it. Even as I am typing this, I've come back from the office pantry with a cup of tea. As I bent to retrieve the paper cup that fell, a colleague of mine was standing trying to look inside my shirt. As I waited for the cup to fill, the bastard was STILL checking out my breasts. I came T.H.I.S. close to throwing boiling water in his eyes. Should have.
I don’t care if I am beaten up, have acid thrown on my face or am run over by a truck. If ANY man touches me, says anything remotely sexual or even looks at me… I am hitting out. It’s not as if my not saying anything will stop them. So might as well. And I am going to arm myself. I will not feel scared and since I AM scared, I am going to react like any other cornered animal, by hitting out. Because sooner or later, every woman is going to be raped.
Every hour, EVERY hour, 18 women face "crime" in India: Rape? Molestation? Eve teasing? All of the above?
Since 1971, rape cases have increased by 700 per cent.
Since 2005, there has been a 5.1 % increase in rape cases registered. The key word is REGISTERED. Many are not reported.
There used to be 7 rape cases per day... NOW it is 53 cases a day.

PS: Tip for women: IF anyone is forcing ORAL sex on you: Be it your boyfriend, husband or a stranger: BITE down on the penis, do NOT let go. It will hurt so bloody much that it should incapacitate him for long enough for you to run.
Remember, the man will NOT stop from hurting you, he might even kill you once you have seen his face and if he thinks you might go to the police: Catch his balls and do Not let go. SQUEEZE with ALL your life. He WILL hurt you later, you be the first. Eventually, you will anyway be dead. Go with the knowledge that you got the bastard.
PS 2: I am sorry, I am depressed. I have to go out tonight…and I am nervous that I will again have to either turn a blind eye to the mother-fuckers around or spoil everyone’s night by getting into a fight.

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