Marriage & mayhem: Love is wrong, parents are right?

Life and Marriage are similar in many ways. For one, there are no guarantees in either. Second, there are no fixed rules for living a good life or a ‘making’ a good marriage that applies to all people. Then there’s the bit about both life and marriages throwing up surprises. Sometimes, nasty ones. It started two weeks back with an email from a reader in the US and as one mulled over the contents a colleague announced, “Someone left a strange comment on one of the tech stories” and ‘pinged’ me the comment. It was disturbing.

“Hi, I am from Bangalore and have been in love with a girl from Mysore for the last two years. She is a Punjabi and her parents are forcefully trying to marry her off to another man. I spoke to her father about letting us marry; he has refused and threatens murder. She is ready to leave her family and marry me but we are scared: What if her father kills us?” Even as one thought of possible suggestions for the distraught couple, a recently heartbroken friend called.
“My parents have found a boy for me. I have not met him yet but have said yes. The wedding might take place in the next two months. There is too much pressure. I am 26, how long can I delay the inevitable?” she asked. One told her that while there was nothing wrong with an arranged marriage – we have umpteen examples of highly successful, happy arranged marriages around – agreeing to marry someone she had not even met seemed a bit drastic. “After having taken most of my ‘life’ decisions myself – and things blowing up in my face – perhaps I should let my parents decide for me? Perhaps they will make a better decision than me… No?”
Two faces of the same coin: On one hand, a case where the girl is ready to marry according to her parents wishes, hoping that in their infinite, adult wisdom, they would make the ‘right’ choice. On the other hand, a couple is scared for their lives because eerily enough, it’s parents who want to kill them.
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Before you read further, tell me what you think:1. When it comes to finding marriage partners: Do parents make the best choice for us?
2. What would you do if your child chose someone you didn’t approve of?
3. If your parents oppose your choice of husband/wife, what would you do?
4. Do you think ‘honour killing’ is justified?
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Pointblank said...

1.Complicated! complicated! Yet, I wud say - "its ur life, so u decide". Atleast if ur old nuff, matured (both r different u know) and financially independent. But its always best to ask parents for approval. And if they disapprove, its good to know the reasons. Cuz not only love is sometimes blind, u may miss smthg tat others (parents or whoever) find glaringly obvious!

2. Its again a tough situation. I wud try n reason with the kids (provided there is a grave reason) and if I feel they r confident bout the decisions they take, I'l let them be.

3.Sulk, bawl, THREATEN! lol! I dunno!

4.Are u kidding me??

Mocklion said...

Hi, it is most certainly clear that people should have a right to their own lives and any kind of force...active or passive, is just plain uncivil.

But I was wondering: there is some quaint old world charm in the way my parents went about it, they were never plagued by fears of dying alone... they never had to deal with mixed signals and mind games. They built themselves a career and then their parents gave them a ready made stable relationship to walk into which was a source of joy for them (as well as me!). Are people making things too complicated now?

Face behind the Mask said...

When i see marriages happening around............. i think to myself "oh shit, another one bites the dust".

I hate marriages, have never attended one after mine which was 17 years ago...... ,Sure i like to to be in love, to love & be loved etc, it should happen with each other irrespective of the legal binding.

As far as my young one is concerned, 'sure would enable him/her to grow up to make their own decisions

Silvara said...

heya - it's the one argument I have always had with my best friend - if things hadn't worked out with her boyfriend (now husband) she would have let her parents arrange her marriage to anyone they pleased - i didn't understand that - but then again she has a much better relationship with her parents than I do with mine.

Q1. No - I don't believe they always make the best choice for us - nobody can tell you what you will be attracted to or what u want in a partner - i have seen so many cases of where the boy was practically perfect on paper but then was the biggest dickhead in person. but they do have the advantage of not only loving you unconditonally but having experience behind them - so it is worth listening at least.

Q2. If my child chose someone I didn't like - it'd be hard - but I'd talk to them about it - ultimately it IS their life and their experiences - I can only offer my opinion and feelings on the matter. If it endangered their life in any way - it'd be a tougher call.

Q3. I married out of caste/religion/country and my parents were fine with it in the end - They weren't 'opposed' as such but they always wished I'd marry an Indian. However, they saw thru all the differences and approved my now husband for the person he was. If they had outright opposed him for the reasons he was not Indian - I'd have eloped :P

Q4. Never.

SIM said...

I am still (as always have been) amazed by your insight into urban afflictions that we face every single day.
My answers would be:
1. Parents always try to make the best choices for us but when it comes at the cost of love, it is a forced choice.
2. They have to spend the rest of their life with that person. And after a point, parents need to let go of their children and be assured that they have taught them well to make informed, sound decisions.
3. I will always stand by love. But I will also find it impossible to turn my back on the people who have brought me up.
4. Under no circumstance and for no logical reason, can honour killings be justified. They are a horrendous, horrible act...much in the same vein of killing off an unborn or new born girl child. There is no honour in killing.

P.S: I wrote a post after ages, that includes you in it. Read if you get some time :) cheers!

Mocklion said...

Okay, Kim, if you do not know how much domestic violence takes place in the US, your entire education has probably consisted of stereotypes about your nation and the rest of the world, which of course is a trait you share with close to 60% of Americans.

And second, please do not talk about India joining step with the rest of the world. Perhaps you have never bothered to learn that interracial marriage was banned till the late 60's in america (MD, for instance allowed it only in 1967). Indian laws and government had a "zero discrimination policy" from day one... while even in 2008, 1) you still have "In God we trust" written on your currency
2) The Ten Commandments in front of the Supreme Court
3) ALL your legislators have to swear in on the Bible!

It is ridiculous when americans criticize Indian institutions. Perhaps you could take a trip to Utah and find out if polygamy is allowed in your country. Most of your homeschooled children are taught: "Mommy answers to Daddy and Daddy answers to God" (verify!)

Eve* aka jb said...

Dear Rajpath Reporter
I STRONGLY object the tone used in your comments AGAINST Kim.
NOWHERE has she said in her response that she is either anti-Indian OR pro-America. When she says "rest of the world", she means the countries -- and NOT just US -- that do have laws that treat women better or at least give a chance to women for fair and proper redressal.

Again, YOU, dear Rajpath Reporter are ONLY intent on harping on India VS US, our culture better than theirs etc, WHILE Kim's response I saw and understood as a very thought-out response to situations she DOES NOT understand.

And dude, give it a fucking break: SEE a response for the points it raises than harping on stupid discriminations you have against another nation. And definitely NOT on this blog.

NO ATTACKS TOLERATED. You want to debate, debate an idea or thought, but no fucking targetting another person. And if this response of mine pisses you off, feel free to go bad-mouth me on other blogs or start sendin anonymous hate mail.

Mystique said...

I have a strong something against arranged marriages......
I;m not really old enough to answer any questions except the third, and I say I wouldn't be happy, but I'd still get married to the person I love.
And someone I can be completely open with.

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