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What better way to start 2010 than by completely feeding my face? In the year and half of my being in Melbourne, I've made no pretenses about missing Indian food. Especially when it comes down to chaat and sweets and the other goodies we take for granted back home.

It was a random chat with one of the dude's at the Indian store at Moonee Ponds that lead to my best discovery in Melbourne yet. Ironic though that it should be Partner asking about "Where can we get authentic gulab jamuns?" instead of me. Perhaps because Partner has been quite sick of the disintegrating gulab jamuns I've tried making. They taste almost the same except they are not round or any other shape.Add Image

So we end up at this store that's hidden away behind a bigger store. And inside was the most amazing sight ever. Motichoor laddoos, gulab jamun in paper cups and syrup, rosogolla (spelled as such too), ras malai, kaju barfi, barfi, jalebi and to my utter, utter delight dhokla...with the steamed green chillies! In Melbourne!

The owner and his wife were very polite and extremely helpful in pointing out what I might like to eat! ;) Given that I was/am a greedy pig, I really appreciated their help.

Partner watched with honest amazement as I went through each item with absolute relish. I had doubts if the taste would be "authentic", I need not have worried. God they were SO tasty. Though I think I miscalculated my love for samosas and should have ordered more. I wonder if they do gol gappas, shall call and ask.

This evening after work I'm eating the ras malai -- both of them -- since Partner got to eat more of the gulab jamuns. I am so happy. I love food. I love sweets even more. I love Indian sweets the most.

Happy new year, may you all eat well.

This is the store:
Sweet India, Factory 9, 1-3 Kilmur Rd, Hoppers Crossing, Vic 3029.
Ph/Fax: 9369 6694


taurius1 said...


I sooo wanna try the stuff there now!!

Deepti said...

Happy new year Jbo ... here's wishing all the sweet things in life :)

JB said...

@ Taurius: Arre, why do you want to try the stuff here, you've got it all back there?!

@ Deepti: thanks and wish you the same as well!

Sree said...

you're working?

Sree said...

shoot.been in the kitchen since 2AM woman, and all am thinkin of is the sweets i should buy or not when I be going to the Indian shop here today!!!grrr. thank you very much.
every time i take my daughter along, she hangs on to the glass lookin inside her fav gulab jamuns and anything interesting and points to me.If i was in her place, wud have done the same and asked my mom too. Donno how we change when we become a parent.I mean what will happen if i get her a sweet everytime we go there? hmm

Mridu Khullar said...

Good to see you blogging again. A very happy new year to you, and hope you continue to find good food, great sweets, and new joints in which to eat them.

MRC said...

Amen and a big slurrrrp :) Happy New Year Jhoomur....In case you remember Im the once pregnant lady with the long tongue twister of a name(Monishikha Roy-Choudhury), so just wanted to let you know, we've had the baby (almost 6 months ago) and in the spirit of (not) passing on long names, we've named him Artim.

JB said...

@ Sree: Oh yeah...as a "casual" reporter with one of the community newspapers here. Nearly two months now but the stint ends beginning Feb, so dunno after that.
As for what happens if you buy her sweets each time you go there, you'd have one happy kid. Just make her exercise some after that.

@ MRC: Congratulations! I'm sure Artim will forever thankyou for the thoughtfullness behind naming him. What does Artim mean? 6 months, ore baba, must be so cute. He must be rolling on to is tummy now, no?

@ Mridu: thanks, though I will agree that I am not that regular anymore. Hopefully it should change. And why I'm not as regular, give me a week or 10 days and will explain. :)

And thanks to all of you to leave your thoughts behind especially when the posts are so sporadic. Do know that I think of you'll... and it feels real nice to keep in touch even if once in a while.

MRC said...

Thanks, He's rolling onto his tummy, giggling,laughing, almost crawling,generally having a ball of a time with both sets of grandparents, who cant seem to stay away for too long(much to my delight)The hubby being a fighter pilot, and self wanting a uniquish(if not long) name, "Artim" is named after one of the designers of the MiG engine (Artyom Mikoyan).Also, if that wasnt a long enough explanation, the name has Greek roots and means "endowed with good health".

Trish said...

Hiyyaa,Trishna here,came over from Goofy's.
We love this sweet shop..and the samosas are to die for!isn't it?
Nice to see another Melbourne blogger!

JB said...

@ Trish: The samosas are DIVINE! check your blog...

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