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The rape of a woman who walks with strangers should be treated differently.
Moral of the story: If you were stupid enough to trust, you were asking to be raped.

The rape of girls who wear short skirts should be seen differently.
Moral: If you were wearing a skirt, showing your skin, enticing men, you were asking to be raped.

In the case of 15-year-old Scarlett Keeling, fingers are alternately pointed at the mother who left her daughter alone and the Indian state (Goa, Delhi, which do you want it to be?) where security is failing. Politicians of course are only too happy to point out that the late Ms Keeling was a drug addict, sexually active, etc etc. Recently a 25-year-old Russian woman has been raped. And this moron, who is a Member of Parliament (Indian) is also saying the same thing.

That's not to say that it's just "foreign" girls and that Indian girls/women are not raped. Oh they are. Daily, every minute. Going by Indian (double) standards, Indian girls should not be victims of rape. They don't wear mini skirts, don't walk around with strangers, don't drink or do any of the things deemed "deserving of rape"...WHY are they raped?

Doesn't it make you sick?


sulagna ™ said...

oohh girl..believe me i saw the moron being absolutely unrepentant in today's morning news!!

&%^&* thats all i can say...such a helpless feeling to have such great minds ruling our nation

soin said...

who ever said rape had anything to do with what women do or wear.most of the times its close to s&m from the mens side.
and thats why he is a politician.coz he can say such stuff ,maybe coz he did such stuff.free

Kartikey said...

back after a November hiatus you are. I thought about the Australia attacks and you; if you were okay.

i had written this: http://theyoungindia.com/2009/01/31/verna-was-a-virgin/

i have met people, including foreigners, who feel differently about conservative women and women in revealing attires. so perhaps women in lesser clothes are seeking sex, but not rape, they said. so rape is used as a power instrument when the seduction process fails. the man feels angry he couldn't seduce the girl who, in his view, is seeking sex.
which is one reason men, indian men, especially earlier, were trained to ignore or neglect women who tease. or be straight forward with them, which is not a popular quality these days.


DewdropDream said...

Makes me SO angry. Maybe rapists ought to be raped themselves. Just because they were/are so desperate for sex that they'll forcibly gain it. They ought to experience what it's like to be at the other end.

Eveline said...

'It wasn’t his fault for raping you. You probably provoked him. And you better expect it to happen again unless you start wearing longer skirts and shorter heels', is what they'll come up with next because it's clearly a woman's fault for creating a “culture of sexual assault”.

Word, word, word. It is a portion of the government's negligence of the disaster that we can acknowledge unanimously that we have a problem with how we as a nation treat women and the subject of rape in this country. If you are a woman who strays from the ways of Indian society, there is a very prevalent attitude that it is somehow your fault.
More than anything, this disaster means we need to refocus on how we address 'rape' in India. But I'm not optimistic that change will happen.

Gyanban said...

Democracy will someday lead us to Doomsday.

unless we have a constitutional level change , there's little else that we can do,other than wait for doomsday to re set everything !

June said...

"an alleged rape of a lady who moves with strangers for days together even beyond the middle of the night is to be treated on different footings"

Says a politican whose job is to meet and 'move with strangers' and I am sure in many cases 'beond the middle of the night'

Routine buck passing instead of making the 'middle of the night' safer for citizens so we can move and live our lives in safe 'footings'.

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