Ok tata, bye bye!

Oi people,

As of tonight, am flying out to join Partner in Melbourne. It's a year and a half of studying and writing and missing Delhi and those I met here... and learning a new way of life. DAMN. I won't lie, I am excited, nervous, terrified and cannot eat anything right now. Bile tastes real yucky I tell you.

Hopefully Melbourne and me will adapt to each other and no one will feed me to the crocodiles. Given my size and lack of meat, don't think the crocs will enjoy me either. Have no idea about jelly fish though and prefer to see them from this side of a glass wall under artificial life. I SUCK at sport and need to learn swimming. I can only doggy paddle now and the lack of a tail makes that difficult as well. As for 'net ball', playing it with specs on is kinda tough and without the glasses I am blind.

Then again, people have told me they enjoy my food BUT I don't think Aussie dishes use haldi (turmeric) or garam masala. So tad nervous about how does one know when a steak is rare and when its medium-rare when cooking at home. And the moment I think of how happily a kangaroo hops BEFORE it lands on the dinner table reduces me to tears. But then, if i am quite happy watching a chicken die and eating it, i hope i can harden my heart about the roos as well. HRMPH. Shall learn.

Recently when packing, my dad called my clothes 'chindhi', which means 'rags' in Hindi. Now that has made me nervous too since well, I wear small things and well, if I dont like the size I tend to run scissors through it. So well, a lot of my clothes have irregular hemlines because I have chopped them off. And some of my favourites are stuff that have Golu -teeth marks on them... And chicks in Melbourne dress real well... Man!

My best friend called - and she's studied and lived overseas a lot -- and told me to take it easy. So well, no more frantic typing for lack of anything better to do. Shall keep repeating the following to self:

1. What I don't know I can learn.
2. What I cant wear, I shall carry off like the latest fashion statement.
3. NEVER to embarrass my Partner. (will need practice)
4. Learn to keep my mouth shut or speak softly if at all I get the itch to say it as-is.
5. TRUST people. HMMM.

OH... PLEASE mail me your phone numbers and email ids as my current Delhi phone will be out and I am most likely to lose the SIM to retract numbers from it. Eve Emancipation the blog, will continue...let's see if it changes or how. And perhaps Mishraji will visit Melbourne...

To all I have met along the way -- sorry if I said and did things you didn't deserve and if you DID deserve those, let's hope we can start afresh some other time. If you're not interested, let me know, will save me trouble. (Woman, you just said 'learn to keep my mouth shut!)

Aaaaaaaaaa, am blabbering. Am off for second cup of coffee and DO something about this drasted RAT that's running around my friend's house and has jumped OVER my legs twice. Shit rodent.

Ok tata bye bye!!!


Deepti said...

Hey JBo .. hope you have a great stay there ...All the best and hugs !!
Now it will be Aussie tales :D

DewdropDream said...

That sure is momentous news!!! Congratulations!!! And loads and loads of best wishes :) You're reminding me of my move to London. By your own admission you've travelled international before too and have friends in various locations... adjusting to a new life shouldn't be any problem!! And there's so much new stuff to see, do, learn, think about, write!!

I hope that this new beginning is the start of the best time of your life :)

( Oh GOD, I sound like an Archies crad!!! gah!!)

SIM said...

I already said it once before but in the spirit of the post... Have a safe journey and a wonderful stay. Guess our drink from the farewell party will have to be the last one for now, the next drink hopefully we'll have in Melbourne when I come visiting :P don't change...cheers!

maxine said...

May the on flight food be nice n tasty.

Swimming would need energy and food not cooked by you(for the time being)would help even if it might make the crocs drool.

As for sports with balls involved,you can take up that which has bigger balls.

Kangaroos are killed mercilessly before they reach for dinner.Even frogs are.

Rags got to be replaced.The 'I'm a writer' look would suit.

So...we get to see the new Eve hopefully right here.Videsh jaake hum sab ko bhool not.
Do keep writing and let know.

Nirav said...

Hey! All the best!

You are so going to love Melbourne - trust me, as this comes from a guy who has lived in Sydney for 2 years, and has been to Melbourne and loved it.

There is not a day that goes by when I don't miss my life in Sydney - and from what I know, Melbourne is even better.

Don't worry or fret so much - Aussies are the most chilled out of all people that I have been to most corners of the world.

They have no airs, no pretenses, no ego and welcome all with open arms. Don't worry about clothes, etc at all - everything goes in Aussieland. Don't worry about food, as there are numerous Indian joints in Melbourne (some even better than any place I have seen in Mumbai)

And one last thing - the crocs may not enjoy you, but you will enjoy the crocs for sure - crocodile meat is suppsed to be a speciality and my friends who tried it, loved it and in their opinion it's much better than kangaroo or ostrich meat :-)

Man... here I go missing Australia again :-(

taurius1 said...

Happy Journey ^_^

Silvara said...

Eagerly awaiting your return to the city of my dreams... :)

You'll have so much fun here JB - I guarantee you that and I know that your adventures and your gyaan will be just as awesome :)

Mystique said...

melbourne??? wow, you said you were moving but you didn't say where....
wow, allthe way to the other side of the world.....a whole new life....scary..but you'll enjoy...
best of luck, keep blogging.

Shantanu said...

Good luck! You do sound nervous. In addition to your friend's advice, I would add "Be Yourself"...what's all that about not wanting to embarrass your partner? Have fun and keep posting.

avijit bakshi said...

Welcome to life in the first world! Have a good one.

mixedblessings89 said...

Good Luck, and take care of yourself
waiting for newer posts

Anonymous said...

you will still remain the same old crappy version so why change countries to make yourself a bigger crapbag!

Vibhash Prakash Awasthi said...

good wishes!!!

gigo said...

Be safe and have a great time!!

Midnight Sun said...

best of luck

Ria said...

Make the most of it Jhoomur! I know you'll rock!


Surabhi said...

hey, never got to say goodbye what with the rush of shifting to b'lore myself! So here's wishing u all the best! Have a great time!

errrmm just a thot - what's happening to Golu n the Princess?

eve's lungs said...

Oye JBo - Its great reading you ,girl- keep up the good work (iknow it sounds vaguely missionary !) and do keep posting ! All the best .

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