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Hello there,
As I wrote in the previous post that all-going-well, I would be sharing some good news with you. Well, starting today (June 12) will be writing a column on blogs for The Hindustan Times. The column is called 'From the blog cabin' and will be published every Thursday on HT's 'Comment' page. For those who get HT at home, do check it out. For those who don't, log-in to their e-paper (click here), register and you can read it there.
If neither option appeals to you, feel free to check out the columns here or click on my toon on the right panel. Er, I am not cross-eyed as it appears on the toon and my nose is a bit shorter. Please feel free to leave your comments on the page or write to me with feedback.
If you are interested in suggesting blogs that YOU read and find interesting, please go right ahead and send me links.


Anonymous said...

awesome news!!!!
really really happy for you and for us (yes i am presumptitious).
i am such a blog junkie, i really look forward to this...

you only will review/recommend/mention indian blogs?


p.s i wish my blog wasn't almost dead and i was writing something of consequence

JB said...

oi nahi re, desi, videsi, whatever is blogworthy, or not... suggestions hain to bhejo.

Achcha, you mentioned scripts... Let me know if you're interested in playing a game... Same story, different writers, different perspectives.

Anonymous said...

playing a game?
like what?
let me mail you and you could tell me more about this.


Anonymous said...

and sorry for hijacking the comment space. but i think this is a PERFECT time to start a tag on the lines of the favourite blogs and WHY they are favvourite blogs....perhaps favourite posts also.


p.s many people love tags though i know some people find them tedious.
and i love a job like yours (and mine to hee hee) where you are paid to surf the net or paid to read :D

JB said...

N: dunno about tags, but fav blogs sounds like an idea, why don't you kick-start that? As for hijacking and all, there are no rules that say one-comment only. Aane do! :D

And mail, use foxytanya@gmail or my name one...

Anonymous said...

I read a couple of blogs i would like to suggest 2 blogs which i like a lot....u may consider it...if u feel they are worthy...

1. www.waiterrant.net
2. www.keshigirl.blogspot.com

Have a nice day....and yes u write very well...i liked ur blog...:)
Continue ur good work...

JB said...

Checkin to see if that Haloscan thing works. Blurrrgh

Anonymous said...

and i'd like to suggest


Anonymous said...

shit, my last comment didn't come through.

didn't get one thing that mishraji was worried about and never mind seemed to echo...\
don't wear inapprpriate clothes...ummm....debatable. because inappropriate for you might be appropriate for me.
what the hell is wrong with looking fat? is looking fat synonymous with looking unattractive, somehow?


DewdropDream said...

@ N: There's nothing wrong with 'Looking fat' per se, it's just that every woman, irrespective of how stunning she is (or not) instantly takes offense to that particular comment and will do just about anything to prove it wrong. Meaning to say, you want a woman to be biddable and do something even if she's set against it, saying she looks fat will almost certainly make her do the exact thing, just to prove she's not. capische?

Or so I think anyway.

maxine said...

Yay,I can now click click on a JB toon.And leave the toon alone atleast,you are finding fault with that one too.

Nirav said...

Congratulations! I didn't know I had landed up on the blog of a hot-shot journo :-)

Fav blogs... hmm... there are quite a few.. What kind are you looking for? Serious ones? Funny ones? Personal ones? Silly ones? Ones with a cause? Feministic ones? (sorry, thats the same as funny ones)

Heh.. sorry to sound so MCP-ish, but can't help a few digs

JB said...

Anomyous-blog-link-sender -->PLEASE take a name. Sigh. And thanks will check out those links..

N --> what's your favourite hot and spicy comfort food? (smiles)

Maxine --> Why you scolding me ya?! ALL the time scolding me, have you realised that?!! Am just being a critic and all...and it DOES make me look cross-eyed. See again. Hrmph. Cant say anything about my own toon now, no one appreciates me. :(

N & DewDrops --> Yeh kya ho raha hai? Y'know, all this about it being a faux pas and all... Think about it: Should someone who's bigger than studio-approved sizes ALWAYS have to wear things that make him/her look like tents just because someone else's visual sense is offended? Conversely, who said a bag of bones flashing her rib cage is not a faux pas? Each time I think of Posh Spice and her haddis staring, gives me the heebeegeebees. Perhaps, I do understand what DewDrops is trying to say... However, it IS liberating to wear what you want to hear, irrespective of size-consciousness.

Like on goa beaches and on my trip to KL/Melbourne, a women and men wore what they wanted to, irrespective of size.

JB said...

Nirav --> hot -shoRt journalist and as for sounding MCP-ish, do remember, every dig has its day! We girls shall have ours as well...bwahahah!! (evil laughter, thumps chest) (on second thoughts, doesn't thump chest)

JB said...

And eh, maybe you should check out Pent House letters about "reading" porn. You ARE 23, right? And no, am not recommending those as good writing!

DewdropDream said...

hahaha... thanks for recommending penthouse... errr yes, I AM 23, quite unaware of a whole lot of things, as you might've gathered :) I do love a good debate myself and it's extremely flattering that you respond so promptly!!

To move onto other things... I never did understand this attitude in the Indian culture, where it's okay to hit your kids. When they're young, perhaps that's a leeetle bit pardonable, it's not easy to discipline youngsters you know... but as kids grow up.. WHY is there always SUCH a refusal on the part of adults to recognise their kids as individuals and insist on continuing this 'moulding them into generic good kids' behaviour? Why such shock when they protest at such treatment? And why, the only time they actually do see their kids as adults, is when they want the kids to be married off?

JB said...

Promptness is because Partner and my bro are playing some stupid game on the laptop and have abandoned me; and because our Tata sky subscription died and because no one wants to watch Sopranos with me. :( But no worries, will get them for this.

Hmmm. That's a tough one as recently I've discovered some rather alarming feelings in me. That's to say i found myself talking/thinking like my mother. Like in Sopranos, when Meadow is being a "thinking adult", which involves arguing with her mother and answering back...Er, i have been heard saying things like, "If she was my daughter, i will thwack her and lock her in the room." Siiigh...it's scary, coz mom always said/ cursed, "WAIT till you have a daughter JUST LIKE YOU, then you will understand.' Dude, the idea is scary..and i honestly dont know. but guess it's because parents think they know best and also after years of thinking FOR the kids, it
s probably hard giving up the habit?

DewdropDream said...

I have to confess am an awful ignoramus about things most people take for granted, like TV shows, politics, cinema... err you get the point.

And yes, I see what you're saying here... thing is, I have also seen parents who're different. My auntfor one. Never forced her opinions on the kids, waited for them to answer the question of what they wanted to do in life, never criticised their choice of attire, anything... she's marvellous. And her kids? Honest to god, I have never seen two other people like them... they're SO confident, thoughtful, well-learned, smart... they have it ALL!! My aunt now worries about them because they're dating... but, even there, her worries are different from those of other women in her position.

Another fine example is my bf's mum. Forthright, opinionated, yet never foisted anything onto the kids that they didn't like. She's a feminist of the first order without trumpeting it. She actually encouraged me saying I ought to make my career and not think of getting married right now!! (Not that I am...) And the fact that my mum was very impressed by this lady's son, while having never taken to ANY of my other male friends whom I have never showed the least jot of interest in, says a lot for what my bf and his sibling have been brought up like.

My own folks sometimes struggle with the person I've become because of their habit of thinking for the kids... they're however moving on from that slowly...

It's very difficult being a parent... but is it really that hard for people to not realise how hard it is for someone else when the opinions, feelings and attitudes of other people are simply forced onto them without a thought?

Never Mind!! said...

Congrats on the new column JB!

Like I already wrote in my previous comments, fat or thin, I think its no body's business to comment on what you wear and how you wear. And personally, the only thing that guides me to not "look fat and inappropriately dressed" which I think is different from "being fat".

And no I do not advocate a size 0, just for the record!!

maxine said...

Toons are not supposed to look better than the real person.okay? So its okay if its cross eyed or has a toony look.And I DO appreciate you JBtoon.Looks cute.haha.

Hmm..I say more Indians in India should show off their fat curves than hiding it behind curtains.A day will come when everything looks normal and we start accepting people along with their fat body or skinny whatever.Also,dressing to the occasion sounds normal too.

Parenting equals panic attacks.There is this movie...i forgot the name,starring Sarah Jessica and Mathew Mcconau...err..whts his spelling.Well..in that his parents hire her to get him out of their house.
Suddenly forgot what I had in mind.Its been a while am sitting here and thinking what it was.
Signs of ageing.


Never Mind!! said...

Agree with Maxine, toons are supposed to look funny! Cock-eyes and funny noses definitely help.

Parenting is hard and I dont mind the occasional spanking on the butt to set kids straight (not the teenaged ones). My mom spanked us plenty and even used the odd belt and stick. But I guess we turned out fine enough to laugh it off and make fun of mom now.

Ok now will go away. I am really bored and jobless today.

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