To want is to b*tch

I want to take my daughters to the park. I want to cook fresh, healthy food for them. I want to make lovely dresses for them. I want to bake cakes and master cookies and create works of edible art. I want to start blogging again. I want to write a second book. I want to make yummy food. I want to have a lovely, clean house. I want to sort out my cupboard, the kids cupboard, Sam’s cupboard, the linen cupboard, the crockery and utensils cupboard, the cupboard-that- is- full- but- I- don’t- know- what’s- in- it*. I want to read more books. I want to read the books I’ve already bought on my Kindle. I want to watch and do the various lessons I’ve bought on Craftsy. I want to read the news. I want to Facebook my friends and Pinterest for inspiration. I want to talk to my parents (…more than just “how are you? Bye”) I want to do art with the girls and take them dancing and swimming and for gymnastics. I want to go out and socialise. I want to remember my friends birthdays etc. I want to get better at sending people gifts. I want to moisturise my body every day. I want to wear socks so my feet don’t get so dry. And condition my hair. I want to cleanse-tone-moisturise daily. I want to have nice hands. I want to have a Lara Croft body and eat cake. I want to exercise. I want to look good in the clothes I already have. That I cannot find. I want to organise my cupboard. I want to reorganise the guest room and get all the pictures/art framed. I want to plant the freesias and lettuce. I want to paint the Elsa canvas and finish the Winnie Pooh cross-stitch. I want to deep sleep.

I want to fit it all in 24 hours. I don’t want to lose my mind.  I don’t know what to do.

(*I’ve already sorted the Baking Stuff cupboard and the pantry, yay!)


Bikram said...

well why dont you make a list of the want's and start doing them one by one :) hopefully all the wants will get fulfilled

all the best


Pallavi Sharma said...

Glad to see you back! I'm in the same "wanting" phase as you. And don't even have kids. Well, the 4-legged ones, but those poor creatures don't demand half the time and attention that human babies do.
Also, like Bikram said, making lists helps. So far, I'd been too lazy to even draw up lists. I just got down to it this weekend. You already have a list right here in your post. You can put it up somewhere visible (like the fridge) add in specific tasks so you could tackle them one-by-one. I see you're already gotten some of the stuff done. Yay!!

Espèra said...

You've also sort of started the blogging bit!

Jhoomur Bose said...

:) Oh. Didn't even realise that. Thanks for pointing out Espera.
Hi Pallavi -- how're you going with your list?

Pallavi Sharma said...

Quite okay, actually. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't but at least they help me keep track of the bazillion things I want to do :) Over this long weekend I made NO list, but I got a BIG job done. (If you must know: Readying wooden strips to be drilled into window panes for velcro-ing mosquito nets onto them. :P ) It really was the only priority, so a list wouldn't be useful anyway :)

Did your bitching/list-making help?

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