Masca(ra) laga ke

Usually I try not to let Mia around when doing makeup related stuff; especially since she's taken to 'manicures' a little too quickly.
Today however she planted herself on the stool as I painted myself in the morning. As she gave a running commentary I began getting a bit worried about explaining things with "because mamma wants to look pretty" or "mamma is hiding her flaws" etc. I thought 'Body Image Issues and how i might be destroying my little girl's ideas of beauty forever...

 Mia: You're putting dots on your face with a brush.
Me: (hide brush if you don't water colours on it)
Mia: Don't poke your eye with pencil!
Me: (better hide all kohl pencils)
Mia: ooooh. That's a big brush. Is that red paint mamma?
Me: (blush n brush too)
By now my hands were shaking and I was certain by the time Mia is 5, she'd be refusing to step out without makeup. Till...

Mia: mamma! What's that?
And then hysterical laughter. She couldn't stop.
"Oh mamma what IS that? You making silly faces in mirror. I don't want to put THAT on me.

And just like that she phooeed the makeup and left. All it took was me applying mascara. Apparently I look THAT funny when doing it.

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Sree said...

Just sayin hello! Hope all well n busy. Tc.

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