Tasmania trip in April
And while I've been gone, Blogger has a new format. Oh well, what with all the changes in my life, I'm sure I will thrive with this one too. I looked around my house before sitting down to type and realised there are a number of things that need doing. That's been one of the Most Important Learnings for me as a stay-at-home-writer-mum-housewife: There are always things that will need doing. And that will be procrastinated.

Cupcakes baked yesterday
Just have a look: 1. Washed laundry to be dried. 2. Toys to be picked up and put back in place -- only to be pulled back down in five minutes. 3. Floor to be swept and mopped. 4. Dinner to be planned and shopped for. 5. Nappies to be bought urgently because I've only one left. 6. Front courtyard to be swept because it's autumn and dead leaves pile up faster than you can say "dead leaves". 7. Pavlova to be baked for tomorrow's dinner at a friend's place. 8. Card to send out to a friend who had a second baby boy yesterday. 9. Statutory declaration to fill and submit to the Council because someone STOLE our recycling bin. What kind of loser steals a bin?! 10. Manicure and pedicure because my cuticles look like they can make an appearance on Dr Who. 11. This is all on the ground floor -- I'm sure there are more to-dos waiting for me when I go upstairs.

But I need to write because what do you know? I am three days over 33 and I haven't written in a while.

The Second Important Learning is that in the decade since I was 23, I have really, really changed. I had a list of piercings I wanted, more tattoos (I have one), I wanted to buy a motorbike, I enjoyed intimidating people, I thought I was one cool cat who could not-would not be controlled. Now I run scared of a 21-month-old and pray she won't wake up at two am and insist on having a chat. I even cried on my birthday night because I really wanted at least six hours of only-me time even if all I did in those hours was sleep.

Mia loves discussing the solar system in the wee hours of the night. Her favourite discussion being, "Ook moon Maaama", or "Sun gone?" and sometimes, "Uppa, uppa, uppa". The first one is looking (ook because she can't say 'l') at the moon because she's fascinated by it and the last one is her version of Twinkle-twinkle-little-star. Sigh.

The Third Important Learning is that while I am really happy being at home to look after my daughter -- and subsequently Baby 2.0 later this year -- I still have things I want to do. Except that before I tackle my in-the-wings dreams of world domination, I need to tackle the First Realisation. There are always things to do.

But I shall get it all done, s l o w l y. Look, at least I finally wrote something. :)

PS: Missy goes to childcare every Wednesday. I'm going to do my best to write weekly -- to start with. Please don't judge my grotty home. 


Pramod said...

I was comparing my life 10 years ago recently and it has changed hell of a lot. Its amazing how life feels the same as it was a month ago, but when we stop and look back , it has changed so much :)

Very sweet to read about Mia's babblings.

Been awhile since you've been in Melbourne, maybe its time we catch up. Another thing for yoru toDo list.....and mine?

JB said...

@ Pramod: So true about seems same but yet so different. :) I've been in Melbourne four years now and I realised I first "met" you in 2004, on o3. Wow. Yes, definitely a to-do. Perhaps in the last week of May or sometime in June, coffee in the city? You can meet Mia too. :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Hey JB, good to see you around. Missed you!

First of all, belated birthday wishes.
Second of all, yaaay on the baby-on-the-way.
And third of all, please do go weekly :-)

I guess that's all the 'of alls' -- take care you, and don't be a stranger no more.

JB said...

@ Mamma Mia: So surprised to see you here! Thankyou for the wishes and yes, hope to stick to the once-a-week.

Blahblaholic ♥ © said...

So glad you're back :D
And hey, juggling all that, if you write weekly, it's our pleasure to read you <3 xx
P.S Can you change your font a little? It is kind of small and hard to read :$

Bikramjit said...

Happy birthday to you though three days late ...

he he he yes sun gone moon here :) loved little mia's version of the rhyme :)

oooooooooooooooohhh baby 2 on way COngrats on that tooooo
party timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday again JB :)

Life definitely has changed in the last 10 years - I'm excited about the future tho! AND your weekly writings :)

Yay to baby 2.0!!

An'liz said...

It's also nice to see what all has been done that wasn't planned... I'll be happy to ready your posts every wednesday. Sorry to ready that you cried on your birthday night. Be happy!

JB said...

@Blah: Sorry, will look into the font and try and fix it. :)

@Bikram: Thanks for the wishes though not certain if it's really party time. At least not for me!

@ Siggy: Hiya and thanks again. Yes, I too am excited about the future -- it might not be all rosy dreams etc, but I will much more grounded than say at 23.

@ An'liz: Hi you, what a surprise. I did not know you read this blog, but very good to "see" you here. :) Yes, much as we try and plan out life in our "youth", I think I am quite happy with its turned out, even though mostly unplanned...or definitely not according to the original plan. How are you and what are you up to these days? Are you still baking those absolutely delicious cakes and pastries? Thankyou for reading too.

Pramod said...

Last week May, coffee in City and meeting Mia...DEAL!

Kala Wati said...

Hi, great blog, just recently started reading it. How wonderful your life sounds. Especially the autumn leaves part :) and regarding the grotty home, I have realised that whatever one wants to do in life, writing, painting, stitching, gardening, it always results in a little bit of mess, a messy home is a lived-in home, so is yours!

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