Kiss and tell

My first kiss was when I was 9. The boy was visiting one of our neighbours -- he was a 'Delhi boy' -- and he kissed me on my cheek. Before all the other kids who laughed. I promptly punched him and went and complained to his aunt that he had kissed me.

Then there was the dude in grade 8 -- who had a girlfriend and had failed twice in the same class and was supposed to be some sort of a Taekwondo champion -- who tried to kiss me after class. I turned my face at the last minute, the kiss landed on my cheek and I saw few other boys -- who'd been peeping in through the window -- run away. Despite the fact that I hadn't asked for the kiss, a HUGE scandal followed.

Many years and kisses-without-meaning later, Partner kissed me for the first time. Strangely that was the only time I have ever been asked if I wanted to be kissed.
My dog Golu was scratching at the door, a cool spring breeze was making my cheap Sarojini Nagar curtains flutter, there was some Ministry of Sound track playing in the background and I had just paused for breath while lecturing Partner on how the Commonwealth Games in India were a huge money-making scheme. This was October 2007, I was doing a special report for the website/tv channel I worked for and had stupidly hoped my reporting would make a difference. As I paused to launch on why Sheila Dikshit was the worst chief minister for Delhi, Partner, who had so far shown no inclination that he was interested in anything else other than discussing the state of corruption in India, asked, "So Miss Bose, may I kiss you?" I thought, oh  like that and instead responded with, "Do you always ask?" He kissed me and we've been together since. Whoever said you should never kiss on the first date -- and more -- was talking out of her hat. ;)

And then there was yesterday. It was 6.15am, I was under the doona; Partner entered the bedroom and plonked Mia on the bed next to me. I groggily said "Goodmorning baby" to both. Mia pulled my hair, I managed a sleepy oww. And then she poked me in the eye while bending and putting her lips on my cheek. A baby kiss. I looked at her with my non-poked eye, she grinned, said "Kah" and did clap-clap. It's the best kiss ever... even though I wasn't asked.


Anonymous said...

awww. baby kissies are the best
on being asked to give a kissie, anna would obligingly brush her open mouth against my cheek. only one day she bit it real hard. hard enough for my eyes to tear up. but still. baby kissies are the bestest.

JB said...

@ Anna's mom: Oh yeah those are the best. She still doesn't open her mouth, just presses her lips firmly against my cheeks but lordie, i love those. She also does this forehead-to-forehead touch, which I haven't taught her and is completely her own move. Quite thrilled me. :)

Pranidhi said...

Hey, that was such a beautiful post. Nothing beats the kiss that I get from my little niece.

And that was interesting, the whole do-you-always-ask bit. I mean I wold wonder the same.

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