Went where that month?

So Mia is already a month old. In fact, she is already two weeks short of being two months old. And not kidding folks, I don't know who, what, when, how it all happened. From one poo to another, time's just gone by.

Given I had several other women popping out kids here, I had been wondering about some of the new-mom cliches. (That's before I joined that particular club) Y'know like, I-am-sleep-deprived. Or, I-don't-have-time-for-a-shower. Or, I-sometimes-forget-to-eat.
Now that I am one-month-been-there-etc, is all that true?

Yes and no. Mia's been a "good" baby so far. That's to say she lets me have at least 4-5 hours sleep on most nights and does not drive me up the wall with (much) crying. Since I had already been surviving on 4 hours sleep while I was pregnant, this does not feel much different.

Most days I manage a shower as well. Only, she seems to wake up just when I'm about to do the whole moisturize-my-body routine. She also does not like it when I watch TV and somehow has perfect timing. Just when the case is about to be solved or the most interesting part of a documentary is about to start, she decides she wants mum. But she shuts up when cuddled.

Oh yes, other than the feed-me cry, Mia has figured out a new cry. I call it the testing-mum cry. So she will be lying perfectly happily in her pram or cot when she decides she is bored and needs entertainment --> mum. So despite no reason to cry -- there's a baby checklist of fed, cleaned, burped therefore no reason to cry -- she does this sort of WANH. Just one loud WANH and then she waits to see if I turn up.

I've stood just beyond her line of sight to see what she does and the little minx does the WANH just to get a response from me. Of course, if there is no response or no mum forthcoming in 10 minutes, the WANH then rises to WAAAAAAAAAAAANHA-AAHH. So she makes it kinda clear: Either respond when I'm just kidding or deal with the real thing.

That apart, we all have been doing pretty well (er, just heard a WANH). She's managed to projectile spew into her dad's left eye and has even managed to shit all over him. It's amazing that despite me spending more time with her, I have been pretty incident-free. Men, shrug. (Feels superior, goes before bub loses it).

PS: The pic is of Mia, four days old, in the car capsule, on her way home. The red jumper is hand knit and obviously too big for her.


Anonymous said...

If you see the pic carefully,the batch seems like a halo over Mia :).
btw,what's her sun sign? leo?
and what is her dads sun sign?
though that is unrelated,I have known taurus women to be great mothers.
cheers n happy motherhood.

Anonymous said...


JB said...

@ anonymous: Hey thanks! She'd be a cancer; dad's a taurus too.

Swati said...

hey congratulations :)
i know i'm late but still anyway. mia is gorgeous :).

JB said...

@Swati: No worries about the lateness and thank you! :)

Sankoobaba said...

both baby and post

alwayshappykya said...

Aww, sweetness!!! Love that pic Eve :)

About the month flying...you'll just do one diaper change after other..and it'll be 6 months already!!

Still no incidents of projectile vomit or poop on body for both of us.;)

Ok, now lemme go try to anti-jinx that line above :P

dobighazameen said...

congrats..... sorry, am late here too. Great news, also that she is a cancer like me. In the mean time will wait to hear again when "JB goes cooking" gets back. I have some good news to share.... 'am back to full time farming & a few years away (so that we recover financially)from building/creating a small home stay. Remember we had talked 'bout it. Hope sometime down the line three of you will come over & we can cook together !!

Eveline said...

How sweet! Time flies by, doesn't it? I mean, we're damn near half-way through September already. Congrats on surviving Mia's first month... here's to MANY, MANY more!!!

korinna williams said...

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