India shining?

Top 5 stories on ibnlive.com are about the IPL.
BCCI-Modi 'divorce' is top story on timesofindia.com, with other stories including Gilchrist's drive, something about Payal Rohatgi and Priyanka Chopra.
More cricket, one item on the PM's stand on naxals and er, Beckham learning rapping from Snoop Dog on hindustantimes.com.
Absolute IPL overkill on ndtv.com as well.

And all this while a disabled Dalit girl and her father were burnt alive in Haryana. The police sketch of the prime suspect in the Bangalore blast is hidden somewhere inside.

When I log in from Australia to read about what's happening back home, nothing and no news website gives me ANY idea. Is this news?


Sankoobaba said...

everywhere just IPL..nothing else!!

other news are put in some other corner...

Deepti said...

Rather Indian paisa league shining .. hope u n the bub are doing good .. take care!!

AemJay said...

Its always the same. News channel are mostly prone to sensatiolism, rather than serve any social purpose. Ever since Prince was stuck in a dry borewell shaft for a couple of days and the high drama gave the news channels plenty of eye-balls, they highlight such events with sickening regularity. Why dont they pursue the matter to its logical conclusion and keep the matter alive till the guilty (who leave open shafts) are punished? No sir that is not what would catch the collective interest of millions of its viewers. They would rather wait for another Prince to fight for his life

The Dude said...

Indian media, particularly the tv news is beyond embarrassing at this point.
I have all but given up on following the news through them.
I dont even hold it against the IPL or any celebrity, the media itself has no integrity or direction other than where the money and ratings are to be found.

Eveline said...

Frankly, I'm torn between the desire to be a well-informed individual and hiding in a land of blissful ignorance.
That's because I'm firmly convinced that the news is designed with one purpose - to be sensationalized, exaggerated, spun and hyped. And if doesn't fit the following it's not that important.

Anonymous said...

To understand the real power structure, one needs to understand the evolution of religion. Then there would be no need for news. Because "public" news is all about perception control.

Symbolism and Politics often kill whatever little chemistry humans are capable of. Some however are made from a different clay altogether. Stalk is what they do ;-)

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