kaise ho?

There's really no point in me apologising for vanishing acts since I know I could (and would) be doing it again. Lots has been happening.

For one, Bub is kicking around, not very hard and you still cannot feel it from the top (as in if you place your hand on tummy etc) but I sure can feel the flutters. Doesn't seem to like spicy food since it kicks more after curries. Hrmph. I am determined that Bub shall like curries -- and all Indian food -- as much as its mum does; though I shall compromise and feed it vegemite as well. Personally I can't stand the damn thing.

Two, we've got to move from this house in May -- right when I will be mega-huge -- and so house-hunting as well. And surfing the internet for homes is about as much of the 'nesting instinct' I am indulging in. The moment I walk into baby stores the sheer sight of the things on display and for sale scares (the shit out of) me. What not to buy?!

Three, trying very hard not to say f**k and failing brilliantly. Very worried -- since now Bub is at the stage it can apparently hear me -- that the first word it will say will be either idiot, dingbat or f**k. 'Dingbat' is a new and recently coined term (by me), and I don't know why I came up with it but it's a good substitute for asshole (and other similar insults).

Four, very worried about swearing during labour. And worried about birth plan and all that since the only thing I have decided so far -- and which has met with either laughter (friends) or horror (Partner) -- is that I definitely want to play Smack My Bitch Up (Prodigy) during labour. That song really gets me going. :D Don't know if the hospital will allow it though.

Five, knitting these days. Tried it couple of months back and ended up buying a whole lot of wool and all possible needle sizes and then knitting the arm holes near the hem line instead of next to the shoulders. Now at it again but this time determinedly focussed on Bub-clothes. BUT if things go wrong will e-bay the wool and buy the damn things (always have exit options ready).

That's all from me. I am 57.30 kgs and think there's a bit of fat on my nose as well, though most of it is primarily distributed between the boobs (now udders), waist and upper thighs. Apparently the boobs are going to get EVEN bigger and I am considering buying crutches to support them. If I find any, shall report. ;)


flygye12 said...

Congratulations !!!
Oh isn't this exciting !
Not been here for long. Was thinking that lil guy next to u was urs. Got me thinking, how come the genes gave everything Indian a miss.
PS:We will get to see a picture, no?

Sree said...

you sound different, bubs mum.
I have a lil story to tell.Just yday we were playing Wii and one of the Wii girl was named "fauc".I noticed it and asked her how she came up with such a name and then she started pronouncing it..fff aaa ccc.Thankfully she dont know its a word.YET.It was an accident press of speedy naming to get to the game soon. So,point is, f*ck is an inborn word.Its natural.Just like breasts where size differs, the F word too ,the usability and willingness to show off or not depends. I missed blabbering here i guess.okay.you knit then.

DewdropDream said...

Oooo exciting!

'Dingbat' is a good substitue for swearing methinks.

Eveline said...

Good luck with the house hunting and the rest! Miniature world freaks me out. So no advice from me. It's really okay to freak out. As long as freaking out involves some serious jumping up and down and dancing. What? You're not up for that? It's okay, I'll take care of it. :)
You're going to be a great mom... you'll find your foothold!

Sankoobaba said...

congrats! and best wishes to you..

simplypallu said...

1. Yay to all the fluttering going on inside! I hope Bub grows to like all Indian food. Who else can assault the taste buds like we do?!
2. Dingbat is an existing dictionary word. Wordweb describes it as "A silly empty-headed person." E.g. "you would be a dingbat even to try it"; "yet here he was with an upper class dingbat who just happened to be married to his sister"
3. I think Smack My Bitch Up is the perfect "labor" song. Picture the Charlie's Angels fighting off bad guys... the songs gives you a sense of "let's get this done with" :D

abhi said...

Welcome Back!! And congrats !! Wud love to see your expressions when Bub actually stares at you :)

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