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Recently we saw Pixar's latest animated feature, Up. It was the second time I was watching a movie in 3D, the first being Spy Kids-Game Over. As a 3D and movie-watching experience, Up beat Game Over hands down.

Better effects, much better storyline, absolutely adorable characters and complete involvement for me as the audience. I really loved Up. It's a bit strange since when I had first seen the trailer -- before the screening of Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds -- my reaction had been "Duh, who wants to see a movie about a 70-year-old widower?" I am really glad that I was proven absolutely wrong.

I've always had a soft-spot for animated movies and those that are dubbed kiddie-flicks. What I enjoy about these movies is the lack of pretense. They all want to entertain you... Yes, there are messages in the movie, but I appreciate it that the messages are woven into the stories much better than those in 'adult' movies. Up is a total entertainer, whether you watch it alone, with your partner or with the entire family. It had me bawling -- but I bawl easily in movies -- in the first 10 minutes and then completely took me along for a laugh ride soon after. Even Partner, who is not always up for 'kiddie' movies (he refused go for Coraline), was smiling through Up and came out of the theatre happy as well. Other than the antics of the characters, the sheer brilliance of the 3D effects and the all the action in the movie, I related to some bits of Up in a really, personal way.

A week or so back I wrote a post on how I'm feeling that there's something big about to happen but I have no idea what... I've been stewing over it for a fair while now. When I stew, I get grumpy with people, feel unmotivated and I'm generally unpleasant. In other words, I'm not the best of company. Browsing through websites yesterday, I came across Up again. The message hit home.
Up talks about having a big adventure in life. Rather how we all wait for that something big to strike, to exhilirate and thrill us and to change our lives. I know I'm waiting. Waiting for a number of things to happen before I can say, "Yes, I'm happy now." And while I wait... I stew and I ignore all the little things around me.

Will I be truly happy only if I get a book published? I think I do a good job of keeping my house beautiful, I'm good with plants, getting better with cooking... But I often forget to be happy about those things because I am waiting for THE break. Will I be truly happy if I get married? And yet, I often forget to appreciate that I have a truly loving relationship, in fact, almost what I'd visusalised a "happy" relationship to be.

Will I be truly happy if I get a job? Of course that would mean earning money of my own... but to do what? Rather, what is it that I can't do now? A job would perhaps mean a sense of personal ratification, of putting a 'value' to my self worth in dollars. But am I not worth anything if I don't have a job or can't get one? Hmm. Ok, honestly, before making a big statement on that one, perhaps I need to sort out issues of self-worth within my head. :)

The point being -- and the message in Up -- is that we get so caught up in defining the big things that define happiness that we completely overlook the smaller things. We don't even notice them. I don't want to do that. I want to be constantly happy. Whether it means a sense of satisfaction when I sow the seeds and the first portulaca saplings burst out of my pots. Or swimming in the heavenly aroma of baked muffins that have turned out well. Or basking in the peace that spreads on Partner's face when he comes back to a comfortable, clean home. Or even enjoying the few, but treasured comments/conversation that I have on this blog.

I don't want to die regretting the things that I didn't do or didn't happen. I want to remember and cherish and enjoy the things -- however small -- that I have.

There are days I will forget and bemoan the lack of the big stuff, there are days I'm sure you will too. But here's hoping we both remember. That while we wait for the big stuff, we remember to look at the small ones and be happy about them. It will be emancipation in a way...

PS: Please do watch Up. You will not be disappointed.


Sree said...

Got reminded of ur once upon a time post titled,'its about the small things,stupid'.(something like that. It def had stupid in it,i remember)

Well..if we manage to keep our wits intact and not take serious things too seriously all the time,but only when needed,happiness will stay with us.Sometimes I wonder,how do u come to know u r happy? Do u smile/laugh a lot?Jump?Run?Eat?What.Or is it a sense of peace you feel within.., which makes u smile to urself even when u wonder how to pay off ur bills.Or will that be takings things too easy? I dont know.
*Confused* Yet happy :D

soin said...

why do always humans want to know their self worth,purpose of life and all that..life becomes duller when you find it all out..free

Deepti said...

Loved this post . So agree with you , we run after all the big things in life and forget to enjoy the little gifts we already have. Its always the lusting after what we dont have isn't it... :)
I am waiting for your book to be published soon :D

This post reflects my state of mind .. and it reminded me I really need to relax )

JB said...

@ Sree: goes to show 1) i could repeat the same thoughts 2) i forget good tips to own self rather soon 3) you have a good memory. :D It had stupid in it? As for what's happy... I know that i..Ah! That's the post tomorrow. Thanks for the idea. :D

@ Soin: Dont know about humans -- actually havent heard of any other species doing it either, unless in a disney movie -- but this human wants to know self-worth because she KNOWS it will come with taxable dollars attached to it, which in turn she can spend. :)

@ Deepti: thanks for that. Though truth be told, the more I write about small things, the more I feel guilty at times... like I know I'm trying to remind myself of the small things because I REALLY want the big things. :) As for book, it's quite a way away.

Winstar said...

this post reminds me of the Rajesh Khanna starrer 'Bawarchi'.. :)
beautiful movie..
Another line from this flick

"Its so simple to be happy... but its so difficult to be simple"

I guess we all are used to looking at things in the most screwed up way.. wish I cud have a simpler look at life..

JB said...

@ Winstar: yeah, I enjoyed Bawarchi too. Rajesh Khanna was super in that. Y'know, I quite liked him in his earlier movies...it's the later day Khanna sahib I couldn't handle at all.

Urs....Jina said...

I could totally relate to that and I loved the movie too.
And those thoughts in its own variation pass through my head too every single day.:)
Enjoy ur miracles..

And by the way, I am guessing ur living in Melbourne and arent u kind of eligible for this?(If u havent already seen it)

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