It’s easy to fall for fiction

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Talking to a friend the other day, we were discussing why a whole lot of Complete Package women – beautiful, intelligent, non-whiny, can make a man laugh, confident, knows her mind etc – end up falling for complete jerks. “WHY do we, who are supposedly intelligent, behave like gits when it comes to falling for the wrong men? We seem to choose them with alarming alacrity,” she said. I nodded fervently. “Are we stupid?” she demanded. I denied fervently. “Stop shaking your head at everything. How can an entire generation of intelligent women keep falling for the bad guys?” I perhaps knew the answer to that one… but decided to delve deeper into my psyche to understand better. The best way was to go through the fictional characters I have liked over the ages. Rather, the fictional characters I have FALLEN for. I REALLY liked those men. Naming non-fictional characters can get rather iffy no, what with my identity out and all?
My first book(s) were these Russian fairy tales that Dad got for me. Big books, hardbound covers, with sketches in ink on the cover and inside. All princes were unanimously called Ivan and I learnt pretty early on that beautiful women were supposed to have long, flowing hair, walk gracefully, talk softly and faint at the slightest provocation. I lacked in all spheres. But nonetheless, I have been in love with books and characters for as long as I can remember. However, I read stuff that will never have anyone calling me a voracious reader. :)
(Oh my god. I am watching /hearing Fashion TV as I type this and I just saw the nicest bum I have ever seen. Also, do notice, while the camera focuses on the crotch of female models in lingerie, particularly if its lace, they NEVER focus on a male crotch. No, I am not particularly interested, but dude, you cannot have gender bias when showcasing booty, ok?)
I wished I was a vampire so bad I nearly killed some people but the idea of drinking their blood put me off. Blood I don’t mind, it was my choice of victims. All because of vampire Lestat (no, I refused to see Tom Cruise in the role, he would have spoilt it for me) in Interview with the Vampire (Anne Rice). What I liked? His love for corrupting power and the honesty that he knew he could be corrupted.

I wished I was sporty. I was always more into academics than sport, except for carrom and badminton (was school champ in grade 9 and all, heh) Er, this is a bit embarrassing, but I really liked Joe Hardy… yes, the younger of the Hardy Boys’ brothers. He loved trouble and always got into trouble. This when I used to bunk school and sneak into the library. Nearly had an accident when I read the one in which the two are F1 drivers and I wanted to race my dad’s Maruti 800 on Sikkim roads. My date with danger ended when the driver complained to dad that I was threatening him.

Then there was Tom Sawyer (Mark Twain), he is/was soooo cute. I really wanted to run wild with him and Huck Finn and not study and go looking around at what others were up to. Sigh. That was about the time I developed my Math phobia. Anyway... And Tom didn’t leave Becky alone in the cave to die, did he now? Alas, can’t say that about the men of today. Hrmph.

Robotech - The Marcoss Saga had this character called Zor Prime. I remember vaguely but he had a definite evil streak. More than a streak. I flunked for the first time in any exam – it was early semester, Physics – because I was watching him, two back to back shows the previous evening.

I hated Stephanie Zimbalist. Because I loved Pierce Brosnan aka Remington Steele. Don’t remember much in terms of his qualities but dude, he was too tasty to look at. He had a quick mouth and quicker brain. (Btw, Miss Teen USA looks older than me. Ha.)

Wolverine. Oh Wolverine. And that’s completely due to Hugh Jackman. That brow, chin, chest, pecs… those arms. Ooooof. And the fact that you cannot tame him. Aaaand, dear Hugh majored in journalism in college. GRIN. Somehow I've never liked any of the Spiderman, Batman variety…just don’t like men in masks.

Jack Sparrow, TOTALLY due to Johhny Depp. Wouldn’t kiss him though. Or maybe I would. But would be a mad adventure with him for sure, life that is. And of course the fact that he has no conscience.

Somehow, all the fictional characters I liked - except perhaps Tom Sawyer - all either had shades of grey or were completely black. Why did I like them then, as a youngster and even as I grew up, even when I could see they were negative? Perhaps they resonated with me? Or because none of them were EVER guilty about who they were or what they did? Now that I'm thinking about it, all these men/boys/characters had a hidden 'good' in them too. The term I believe is anti-hero. Moral of the story? Women like bad boys hoping there's a good side and wishing that their bad boy will be good for them and yet retain the badness. Women don't like heroes or villains, it's the anti-heroes. Moral of the story 2: Am no different from a whole lot of silly women. Damn.

PS: I enjoyed researching for this one, especially stumbling upon Robotech and Zor Prime as I had forgotten the name of the show. If you've got the time, check out the Wikipedia links, some interesting stuff there. And a sincere thanks to those who fill out the info on wiki, tis good.


Maxine said...

Its nice how you connect everything at the end.And if someone asks me I would say,why do these supposedly intelligent women fall for men at all.Thanks to the thing called 'hope'.
Ah...Maruti800.Hope it wasn't blue?

Silvara said...

I heart Captain Jack Sparrow :D

Anupa said...

OMG!! You have just named almost ALL the men I've drooled over! Wolverine (Jackman) makes my knees go weak! And Lestat is simple the best!

Eve* aka jb said...

Maxine -- It was. Electric blue, our first car was second-hand and there wasn't enough dough to repaint it. Also, it looked purple under street lights which i considered quite wicked. :) Steroids? For the headache?

Silvara---> This is the first time i will be using it, but I 'heart' him too. :D

Anupa --> You surely must be one of our kind, the complete package woman then. Proves my point no? :)

Groggy right now, just woken up and have been ordered to get to work and get moving. NOT by my boss.

Maxine said...

haha funny.
Steroids for feeling better.Would have avoided if there was a man to take care.Wouldn't it be nice if ALL men were a little caring too just like we are.All,so that none has to look far n wide to find a caring ,loving etc man.hmm............

avijit bakshi said...

You hit the nail on the head this time. Good Work.

Jhoomur aka JB said...

Avijeeet...you like these men too? (faints)


avijit bakshi said...

Ha ha ha....

Spectator said...

any fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone here!?!??

(btw, it took three four trials on google to search for their correct spellings, so dont mind if they r wrong !!! n ya, their names could be one of the reasons they r not included here... i guess, women dont like those men whose names r difficult to pronounce !!! :D)

Ravi said...

Congrats on getting that magical figure! (blog stats i mean!)

Keep Writing :)

Take care!

Ravi (a reader of your blog)

Vasundhara said...

I will fight you for Joe Hardy... :D.



taurius1 said...

I recently acquired the entire Robotech Saga... I had the hugest crush on that singer chick in the colony... :)

I suppose it's natural to develop a liking to the characters we see on TV/ read about in books.

To quote the late novelist Kurt Vonnegut,

"TV is enough! It’s providing artificial friends and relatives to lonely people. What it is, is recurring families. The same friends and relatives come back week, after week, after week, after week. And they’re wittier, better looking, more interesting and richer that your real friends and relatives..."

I tried makin a list of all the female ficitonal characters I'd grown to like and love... the list got hopelessly long!

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